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A few of us were commenting on the 2018 page, so, I thought I would create a Fall 2019 page. I am applying for the AG-ACNP/CNS program.

I am applying FNP, I Am so nervous already

Did u start applying for Fall 2019?

Yes, my application is completed and ready for review.

I actually already got admission to NP program but still wanna try DNP! I know UMSON is so hard to get into. I had my BSN there and really enjoy being there! Hopefully they will consider me !

I interviewed yesterday somewhere else. I will find out the results in a couple of weeks. I need to read past years post to see when UMSON interviews were sent out.

My status says, complete ready for review. Let me know if yours ever says anything else. I attended the online chat. I thought they wouldn't look at the applications until the November deadline, but, it sounds like they will look at them before November.

I just found out I got accepted into the school I interviewed with a couple of weeks ago.

Is it DNP program? Also, which campus did you apply? Shady grove or Baltimore?

Hi. Yes, it is a DNP program. I applied to the Baltimore campus.

UMSON is very competitive;) hopefully we both can get in!

Did you sign up for the online DNP chat for this Thursday, the 20th?

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