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  1. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Hi everyone. After anxiously waiting for months, I was happy to get the email for an interview. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam notified me the day before that instead of me becoming a student for the next 3 years, I will be teaching/validating Critical ...
  2. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Congrats to everyone. Have any ACNP applicants heard anything yet?
  3. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Congratulations on the interview.
  4. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    I did too. I just checked my other email. I forgot which account was on my app.
  5. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    That's great! I'm sure it's nice to hear something from them.
  6. Has anyone applied to AFIT?

    Hey. Just checking back in to see if anyone has applied and heard back yet.
  7. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Hi. Not me.
  8. ACNP in the military

    I actually applied to AFIT for the AG-ACNP role. I am anxiously awaiting the results. The Air Force had 4 ACNP slots for AFIT this year. Bases are limited. I was hoping it would expand choices, but, if I become an ACNP, I will have 6 bases to choo...
  9. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    So, does your other program begin before Fall 2019? LSU begins in the Fall.
  10. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    I am military, so, It's not up to me. They will tell me where to go to school. They recommended UMSON. I have never heard of UMSON before,so ,after doing some research, it seems like a great school.
  11. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Hey everyone! I don't know if your apps are completed, but, mine now says committee ready! That's a change and one step closer.
  12. UMB DNP

    You should join the thread we started,UMSON DNP FALL 2019
  13. UMB DNP

    From the DNP chat I attended, they stated not everyone gets an interview.
  14. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Yes, it is!
  15. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Interviews are held Mid December through end of January. Decisions should be made early February.