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UMSON CNL Fall 2015


Hey Guys!

There's already a general group for applicants for Fall 2015, but since the majority are applying to the BSN program, I wanted to start this thread for people applying to the CNL program.

So...who's applying with me? :)


I am also applying to the CNL program for the Fall 2015 semester. I have submitted all my material for the application and am anxiously waiting! Do you have any idea when they start sending out email's for the interview? Do you know how many applicants there are and how many get accepted?

Hi deedem!

I'm glad I'm not alone here! I actually went to the Open House they had back on November 1st and I took a lot of notes. I was told that about 100 people apply and about 50 are accepted. I also asked about a wait-list and they said they didn't have one. This means that if someone got accepted and dropped out before classes started then the class would just be smaller. This may not be the most up to date information, but it is what I was told.

As for interviews, based on last fall's cohort, you shouldn't expect to hear anything about an interview until mid-March and acceptances go out mid-April. It's a SUPER long wait! :nailbiting:

Didn't know the wait was going to be that long!! aghh..

Hi Ladies. In the same boat here. Waiting and wondering. I'm a little concerned about rolling admissions. Does this mean they look at applications on a first come basis and grant interviews as they go?

I missed the open house. Did they mention what a class schedule would look like?


I am not sure how rolling admissions work. I did not go to the open house either. I think they give a sample of what class schedule looks on the main website. I got an interview. Did anyone hear back yet?

Nope. Still complete ready for review. I was still hoping since no one from the CNL applicants had heard they hadn't started with our group yet. Now that I know you have an interview I am really nervous. When did you apply?


I applied by February 1. Thanks! I am nervous myself. I hope you hear from them soon! Best of luck!

What is the first letter of your last name? I wonder if alphabetical has anything to do with it.


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I do not think they send out announcements/invitations in alphabetical order. It's random.

Yeahhhh....I officially have butterflies in my stomach. I have been cool calm and collected this entire time because no one else had heard from them and my status still says "complete and ready for review". I think I'm on edge right now because I got a rejection letter yesterday from Towson and it's the first rejection letter I have received from a nursing school. :cry:

I'm actually not that sad about it because I've already been accepted into a CNL a program and I was wait listed at Hopkins.....but it's still weird.

I'm feeling the same way, except I only applied to UMSON. No other CNL programs in MD.

I was positive when I knew no one had heard from them. Then again, I thought I read on the website everyone who met minimum requirements would be granted an interview.


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Interview invitations went out over a week or so period, if I remember correctly. Try not to let the knowledge that someone has an interview and you don't (yet) worry you. I know that's impossible, just trying to help.

We survived the weekend. And now another buisness day down...did anyone hear about an interview today?

I was glued to my phone all day. Trying really hard to keep my mind occupied. Obviously not working to well.

I still haven't heard anything yet and my application status hasn't changed! :no:

Ok so I just spoke with one of my classmates who also applied CNL (and who's not on this forum) and he said that he had his interview last week! I was so shocked because my application status still has not changed. I'm going to call them, I'm wayyyyy to frustrated not too!

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I called them Tuesday and was told that I just had to wait it out. That they are rolling admissions and they are in the midst of interviews.

I still haven't heard anything and my status has not chaged either.

I can't believe that we would not qualify at least for an interview considering it states clearly on the website everyone who meets minimum requirements gets one.

I'm extremely frustrated too, especially since this is my only application.