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Anyone interested in applying to UMD CRNA program starting June 2019? What are your stats?

I know it is very early to start this thread, but I figured this could be used as a place to jot down information as we begin to gather items for our application.

I am in the same boat, has my CCRn sitting for my cnrn and scrn soon, has acls, fccs, currently in busy neuro icu for the past 2 years.....has 7 years of sicu experience abroad....gpa 3.38.....need to get my gpa improved....

I've applied. GPA 3.6, acls/pals, TNCC, CCRN, 3 years in ICU, & 6 months code team. My experience is from a smaller hospital so praying that doesn't hinder my application.

Thank you for starting this post! I applied as well. GPA 3.3, ACLS, PALS, CCRN, CSC and 100 hours shadowing. 2 years CVICU experience in an academic facility. Wish you all the best of luck.

I have also applied. GPA 3.4, CCRN, CNRN, ACLS (need PALS). I have six years of experience with the last two in a very busy neurosciences critical care unit. I took a few graduate level nursing classes and retook chemistry. I have 20 hours of shadow experience. I wonder how big the applicant pool is this year? Have any of you applied to other schools?

UMSON is the only school I have applied too. I'm also wondering how big the applicant pool is. I'm hoping the interview notifications go out the same time as last year (which means we would only have 2.5 weeks)!!

Same!! The wait is tortuous!

I have applied too. My stats are GPA 3.35, ACLS, PALS, CCRN. I work in a Neurosurgical ICU in a large academic facility for 1.5 years, worked in stepdown for a year prior to that. Good luck everyone! Keep me posted on when you guys receive notification for an interview. I shall do the same. Fingers crossed!

3.3. 4 years CVICU. ACLS PALS BLS CCRN CSC. Took Organic Chem to boost GPA

Hi there, I applied as well. I have ACLS, PALS, GPA 3.7, CCRN and about two years in a level 1 trauma. Previous experience was in the ED. Good luck to all of us. I hope we hear soon.


OMG you guys...I got an interview....

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I did too!

3 years in the micu at a large academic hospital, 3.8 gpa, ccrn, have done some safety and qi research

Got an invite too. I am so excited!!!

Mine came too. Congratulations to is all.

Congrats everyone, does Maryland normally send all invites out on the same day?

Got an email yesterday for an interview as well!!

I'm not sure, I would give it until the end of the week and then maybe call or email