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  1. nursemcdreamy

    Jefferson CRNA 2019

    Thank you! I hope so. No I didn't ask them that. I'm guessing there are still seats available because they plan to interview all the way up till March. Their deadline to apply is until tomm, Feb 15th.
  2. nursemcdreamy

    Jefferson CRNA 2019

    I felt like my interview went well but that's what I thought last time and got rejected... So I just have my fingers crossed, still no update yet. I may reach out to them on Monday to see when I will be notified regarding their decision.
  3. nursemcdreamy

    Jefferson CRNA 2019

    Hi all! I just got an email that I have an interview for February 4th. I thought they filled up the spots after reading this forum. I would appreciate any tips on their interview process! Thank you.
  4. nursemcdreamy

    University of Scranton CRNA 2019

    I interviewed December 4th. Still waiting for a decision. Fingers crossed!
  5. nursemcdreamy

    UMD CRNA 2019

    I have applied too. My stats are GPA 3.35, ACLS, PALS, CCRN. I work in a Neurosurgical ICU in a large academic facility for 1.5 years, worked in stepdown for a year prior to that. Good luck everyone! Keep me posted on when you guys receive notification for an interview. I shall do the same. Fingers crossed!
  6. Neuro ICU or Oncology ICU to become stronger candidate for CRNA school? Hi everyone! I have been a nurse for a little over a year in a stepdown unit and I am currently looking to transition into a critical care for a while, with my end goal of becoming a CRNA. I currently have an offer in a large hospital in the Neuro ICU which is a 20 bed unit that deals with cranis, head traumas, strokes etc. I also have an interview coming for the ICU at Memorial Sloan. It is a unique ICU as you deal with patients from all ages and it is the leading Oncology hospital in the world. I wanted know which one of the two ICU's would make me a strong candidate for CRNA school? I appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance.
  7. nursemcdreamy

    New York Presbyterian/Columbia (NYP Email) New Grad

    I also received an email from NYP yesterday afternoon. They have identified me as a "top new grad" and I am scheduled for two interviews. Keep checking your email guys, good luck!