UMass Worcester GEP DNP Fall 2023

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Did you apply to UMASS Worcester 2023 DNP program?

Hi all! Anyone else apply for the UMass Worcester Graduate Entry Pathway DNP Program? Good luck to all!

Hi! I just realized the link expires after two days so I'll post a new one:

Hopefully that works.

Specializes in RETIRED Cath Lab/Cardiology/Radiology.

Try this: 


Hi! I was also accepted into the FNP program! Could you possibly repost that FB link? Thanks!

Here is a link for anyone who needs to join:

Hey! I was accepted into the AGACNP program. Can you share the link again? 

Hi guys,

Did anyone receive any update on scholarships? Got an offer here and at mgh—I did receive a scholarship there but not here. I feel conflicted because this is my first choice ?

I think I remember reading first year GEP students weren't receiving any scholarships but could the following years 

Alright thanks ?? 

can someone post the fb link again

gcdnp said:

can someone post the fb link again

Hi. Sorry for the delay. The link is here:


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