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Did you apply to UMASS Worcester 2023 DNP program?

Hi all! Anyone else apply for the UMass Worcester Graduate Entry Pathway DNP Program? Good luck to all!

whoever got into the program, can someone tell me if it was a big deal that they don't give us a BSN and the majority of the jobs ask for one? thank you

also, can someone tell me a timeline of when you guys applied and received the interview and then the acceptance? thank you I'm freaking out

Hi! Although its a bummer about not getting a BSN and instead getting a certificate to sit for the NCLEX, it really doesn't seem to be causing any issues for those in the year above us getting jobs as RNs. UMass has a great New Grad nursing program that has taken (from what I have heard) a good amount of GEP grads as new RNs. There is such a shortage in healthcare that I wouldn't worry. With the goal in mind becoming a DNP, I personally wasn't too shaken by not getting a BSN or MSN. 

Regarding timing, I honestly submitted my application a week before it was due and got an email around the third week of November to interview. I interviewed end of November, and heard back about an acceptance before Christmas. Best of luck, I hope this helped! 

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potentialpmhnp said:

I also got in - for PMHNP! Do you know if there are any scholarships or aid available? 


I just want to ask, was your interview strictly 20 minutes? Or did you exceed beyond that timeframe they gave? Thanks. 

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