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UMass Boston Accelerated BSN Summer 2017


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You can add me! I was accepted and have recently submitted my deposit. Have you decided on attending UMB @mcnu16?

I'm 99% sure I just need to make sure some financial things are in order, but I should be submitting my deposit soon. I'm not sure how to go about finding you lol, I can't private message you on here for your name :(

Try embedding the link to the group in a message here. Or better yet, what is the group name? I can just search for it and ask to be added. I do not think my FB privacy preferences allow me to be searched for unless you're a friend-of-a-friend.

Hi all! I still hadn't received a letter so I called today and was told that I was waitlisted :( Sad!! They weren't able to tell me what number I am on the waitlist. I'm hoping that I get a spot.

@nursemarcio I can't create a group until I have a friend to add and my FB settings are the same way :/

I called and they wouldn't tell me, I think I know what that means...... I got the you will be receiving a letter but nothing in the mail. So yeah.....

I never thought about calling but bummed that it sounds like if we haven't received a letter yet we didn't get in :(

Does anyone know how many people applied to the program for how many available spots?

I just tried calling and the admissions line is busy. I was hoping to even find out if I was waitlisted due to being gone for the next three weeks and not being able to make contact with either of the programs to accept an offer since I haven't accepted MGH until I know more about UMB.

At the info session they told us in past years they've accept about 40 students and usually have 200 ish apply, but it varies from year to year.

You could try calling again and seeing if you get a different person on the phone. I tried asking via email and they wouldn't tell me. I then called and asked if they could tell me when my letter will be sent if I provided them with my student ID number.

If it's helpful - I called yesterday and was told that all letters were sent out by last Friday. I received mine last night (I live pretty close to campus) and was waitlisted. Congrats to all who have been accepted, and I'm rooting for everyone who hasn't heard yet!