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I know it's possible to become addicted to anything, however, has anyone heard of an Ultram addiction? This was a new one for me this morning????


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I tool Ultracet (ultram/tylenol combo) the week before I had my hip replaced. I couldn't take my Bextra because of the possible platelet effects. I needed something to get me through the week because I was still working. It helped, made me a little tired but got no euphoria from it. Have no clue but some people can become addicted to almost anything.


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I had a pt swear to me that she was addicted to ultram, she told me she tried to stop taking it, and became suicidal, and she was seeking help for her addiction. Who knew? My mother told me when valium first came out her PCP gave her an RX w/ many refills, told her not to worry about taking it, it wasn't addictive.:eek: She said she threw it out after 3 days, she felt like "something wasn't right with that drug."

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I understand even tho Ultram is supposed to be non-narcotic, it has addiction potential because the tramadol in it likes the opiate receptor sites in your brain. I asked a drug rep (so take it for what it's worth) what the difference is between Ultram and the new Ultracet. She stated less tramadol, therefore decreased abuse potential.


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Ultram is 50 mg Tramadol

Ultracet is (i think) 37.5 mg Tramadol and 325 mg APAP

yea ultracet's pretty worthless, just releasing somethin cuz the patent on ultram was up

I've seen people get addicted to ultram, its pretty lame


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Funny thing, when Talwin first came out IT was said to be non-addictive/habit forming. Doctors passed it out very frequently.

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