UK Student looking to study Nursing in USA pref. Texas-Please help!!!


Please Help!!!

Hi Everybody! I'm a UK citizen and really want to come to the US preferably Texas to study Nursing. I've looked at hundreds of various websites but am not getting very far as the courses for International students are charging $19,000+ which is totally out of my price range! I've also looked at LPV/LVN courses at some community colleges but they are all just as expensive. Does anybody know of a cheaper way to do this or if there's any kind of financial aid available to international students? Also, are there any agencies/organisations who may provide job based training similiar to that which exists for teachers? I already have a UK Bachelor's degree in languages and other qualifications inc. NVQ level 3 which permits me to work as a healthcare assistant, alongside nurses in UK hospitals and 3 years experience working in a residential care home so am familiar with basic nursing practice.

Another option i've considered is training as a medical assistant in US, but can only find limited information about courses and nothing relating to international students. Does anybody know how i could find out more about this or any other options i may have??

I'd be very grateful for any information anyone has to offer..thanks so much! Happy Nursing :)

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I had to read your post a couple of times before I understood that you want to enroll in nursing school here in Texas - and want financial aid to do so. That seemed pretty extraordiary to me.

Hmm - sorry, but things don't look very promising for you. If you have monitored this board for any length of time, you will see that acceptance to nursing school is very competitive - even here in Texas. Also, financial aid is getting harder much to obtain so most nursing students are resorting to taking out student loans. Unless you have a financial backer who is willing to pay for your education - and support you until you manage to get into a school of nursing, I would not encourage you to even attempt this.

On the other hand, we'd love to have you come for a visit! Houston is loaded with UK expats - mostly in the med center and petroleum industry. We even have local ANZAC celebrations arranged by all the Aussies & Kiwis in the med center.

Good luck on your quest. If you find a Sugar Daddy, see if he has a brother for me :rolleyes:


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Hi! I don't think your situation is hopeless, actually.

You do have some training and experience in the medical field, so it's possible you could find work here in Texas as a medical assistant or something of the like, provided you could get a work visa. I think you're considered a resident of a particular county in Texas after a period of two years or so. So that would mean you could pay in-district tuition at a community college after you've established residency for two years.--But you'll want to research that and not just take my word for it! A community college could get you an LVN or RN and then you could do a 1-year bridge to BSN. It's not the most direct route, but it just might get you there! You may want to turn your research in that direction and see what you come up with.

I lived in the UK with my husband and kids for a year. Quite frankly, I didn't find too many British with a will to come live the Yank way of life, much less make a move to Texas! HA! So, I'm curious as to why you'd like to move here.

In any case, if you get to make the move to Texas, I'll welcome you with open arms. I know firsthand how difficult it is to acclimate to a new culture and new country. Good luck to you!


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I second AggieNurse2B. I would see if you could work her for a year or two so that your status will be considered Texan resident therefore making your tuition cheaper.

I don't think its hopeless at all. Especially since it sounds as though you have the money for school as long as it isn't sky high!

As for the financial aid. The private school where I received my BS from had many international students. Some had scholarships that were based on them studying abroad. When you decide on your school ask to speak with the financial aid office. They'll steer you towards money opportunites.

Good luck!

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Getting a work visa is going to be the biggest hurdle and will be hard.

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Also to add unless in the US with a valid visa and meet resident requirements you will find most if not all will require you to pay International fees and prove that you can support self whilst doing any courses. Even if you train in the US there is no guarantee that you can get a work visa and you need to make sure that any training is acceptable outside of the US in case you do have to leave

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