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UK nurse need help with books


Hi there I have posted in introductions and a nice lady suggested that I post here..so here goes

I am from the UK and a qualified nurse (I have American parents). I am looking to move to the states to be with family and have signed up to an agency to help with the process. I have been told I have to take the NCLEX exam and have done some considerable reading on this. I would like some advice from some American trained nurses as to what books will benefit me. The agency (which I am already having problems with!) have said I just need one book (theirs of course for a fee) to pass. They sent me on-line test questions and basically told me to keep answering the questions till I get them all right. I do not like the sound of this I really really want to know the theory behind the answers and know why things are done and not just the answer. Pharmacology for instance is hugely different to the UK and your methods in treatment etc. Can any recommend some good books that will give me the background/theory to the information please?

Many thanks



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I Recommend Hurst Review, you can do it online you get the lectures for 90 days, plus 6 practice exams and you print the notes off they also have a live review I did it but online is the same thing But you can watch as many times as you want! the online version is 300. but I just used Hurst and the Thread "Random Facts" on all nurses and thats it I passed first try and in my opinion for me was the easiest exam I had ever taken with those study materials. I studied to the point that I could teach it. A lot of people talk about the Kaplan book and have friends that used it. This Web site will help you get the answer thay you need LOVE Allnurses.com!!!! Best Wishes

Hi Cheryl

I am an Australian nurse that sat the Nclex a few months ago and passed first try. What i did was the Linda LaCharity book on delegation and did free questions on university of Texas (Exam Master) website. Content is good to review but you really really have to know how to answer this style of question..........so maybe a kaplan strategies book will help. Its all ivory tower nursing so you have to answer in the way that they expect.....not always in how you would do it in real life! Confusing huh???

Good luck!!!

And don't forget Saunders Comprehensive Review. It has both the content and questions to answer. Most people swear by it. Good luck.

Thank you ladies for your help, there are so many books and websites its hard to know which is best. Its all so different from how I was taught in the UK!!! I I really appreciate the advice. Tabitha where are you working or planning to?

Shellbell i am originally a peds nurse and i got a sweet job working with kids again! It has been hard learning all the new drug names, health care system, Hippa etc.....but i am loving it!!!!

Great to finally be nursing again (it took me ages to get my license due to issue's with uni transcripts)

Did you check out the Exam master site???? It really worked well for me!!!

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