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Dear, i am a PhD holder in nursing and presently working as a Principal of nursing college in India. I am a female aged 43.For the past 10 yrs am into administration and before that for about 10 yrs i was in teaching and guiding students in the clinical area i wish to move to UK..when i enquired some of our friends, i was told that initially somehow i have to work at the bedside,which will be very hard at this age. So,is it too hard to practice..hope there will be some induction programmes??.i ll be much grateful if anyone could guide me with some valuable suggestions in this regard for me to move over there. Or any other suggestions please..i highly value them.pls


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Most international nurses will come to the UK to work at the bedside, there is likely to be an induction period although this will depend on where you work.

I am not sure why you think 43 is a problem for bedside nursing, I am closer to 50 and still work clinical shifts, and love doing so. Being cooped up in an office or classroom just does not appeal to me at all.

You young pups! I'm 58 and still on the floor!

Thanks a lot....i m bothered because am out of bedside nursing for more than 10 yrs...thats what s my concern thinking if i could cope up with..but i am still very much interested in bed side work. Am sure ,with such encouraging words of you,i can do..

A great motivation for me to enter back into clinical side...thanks

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A great motivation for me to enter back into clinical side...thanks

I love it. I was out of clinical nursing for 15 years, it didn't take too long to get back into it. It is like riding a bike you never really forget. a lot for your encouraging reply

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On 5/8/2018 at 12:05 AM, Fiona59 said:

You young pups! I'm 58 and still on the floor!

58 too and loving being back on the wards after having been a Charge Nurse and a CNS.

CNS was a great job but I found being a Charge Nurse awful. Management is boring and unrewarding. Much prefer being with the patients.

43 is definitely not too old for bedside nursing.

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56 years old here, and still doing direct patient care in the ER.

I'm also seen an increase in 'mature' students, those who have raised their families and look for a new career. The oldest nurse that I know of is Florence in Seattle who just retired a few months ago at age 95. You are less than half her age!

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