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Hi everyone. Is there anybody here who is applying to UIW nursing school and UTHSC San Antonio/Houston area? Im planning to apply to their nursing school this month of December once the semester is over and hopefully get admitted during fall. However, my GPA isn't the greatest and I've re taken classes which I didnt do well also.

What are yall's Stats? and how did you guys do on the TEAS and HESI test?

I'm starting at UT Health in San Antonio in January. Maybe my stats will help.

TEAS: 83

Math/Science GPA: 3.4

Overall GPA: 3.3

I also took the HESI, but it wasn't required for UT Health, I got a 91.

Best of luck to you!

I didn't do too well on my TEAS, I did ok but it wasn't on a competitive level. Any advice on how to reach 80's?

Jen, I've been keeping up with previous posts... weren't you accepted for the program already??

EDIT: I didn't see the "starting at" part, congrats!

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I didn't do that well on my teas.. I've taken it twice. First time was a 73 and second was a 76. I can't retake it for UTHSCSA. My science GPA is 3.8 and my cumulative GPA is 3.4.

Just took mine and only studied for a week, I got a 80.7. For me I downloaded numerous apps that gave free practice quizzes. Also went to websites that offered a lot of free practice exams as well. I recommend really go over your anatomy in depth! Math for me was a piece of cake, and reading was within the context given so I would recommend practicing proper English writing and such


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Omg thank god I found this thread I took ny teas and made a 71.3 and my overall gpa is 3.61 and I'm applying to Uiw in the fall and I'm so nervous!


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I just took my TEAS and I got a 76.7 and I'm hoping it's competitive enough for the schools I'm applying to. I have a 3.3 cumulative GPA and a 3.6 Science and Math GPA. I'm applying to UT Health Science Center SA, UIW, and the SAC Nursing programs. But I know you get points for having experience. I have a CNA licence and I work at Methodist for a year now, I hope that gives me an edge considering my TEAS is low compared to all the 85 and aboves I've been seeing.

The deadline has past and now we are playing this waiting game that seems like it will be forever lol, good luck to everyone! :)


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Did y'all get an interview for Uiw mine was yesterday and they said they'll send emails out in 1 or 2 weeks of who got accepted


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Hi I am applying for the Fall 2018 cycle and am so happy I found this thread. I am graduating from UIW in may and this will be my second degree. I am graduating with a BS in Biology. I have 2 years of experience in the ED setting and had worked as a medical assistant and physical therapist assistant. I have alot of experinece and volunteer work! I have not gotten an interview yet and have a 3.6 gpa for their pre reqs. I did not do well on the TEAS but am so hoping other things on my app conceal that! I am so nervous!!!!!

Gloriad13, when did you get an email for an interview? Are you a UIW student?