UHV Accel BSN Spring 2011 Interview invitation

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I just got an email invitation to interview on 11/30 - this is great news because I finished pre-reqs and sent in the app a long time ago, and I have been waiting what seems like FOREVER to hear something from the program. I'm not really sure what to expect with this interview process - getting fitted for uniforms after interviewing? Hmm... how excited should I be about the invitation: is it final elimination or just a formality?

Another question: does anyone know what Fast Pass completion / Blue Card from Texas Board of Nursing is? I have been as vigilant as I can be about tending to all the application requirements and the like, but I have never heard of, and can't find anything from Google about a Blue Card from the Texas BON. Can someone shed some light?

Thanks in advance, Jeremy

double check on your date....i believe it is Nov 29th.

Thanks JEPF, the next day I got a letter in the US mail with the correct date of Nov 29, along with another paper for the Blue card/fingerprinting procedures. This is really exciting, but I don't wanna get too excited. I feel like I did really well - while I didn't end up with a stellar GPA with my last degree, I worked hard to get all A's in my science pre-reqs and I scored really well on the TEAS. I guess we shall soon see...

Does anyone know how will the group interview be?

Does anyone know how many actually interviewed yesterday? I heard so many different numbers thrown around and I know that quite a few did not show.



I heard different numbers as well but I heard 90 responded to the interview invite & only 84 showed up on Monday. It was an interesting day but not sure how well they could really assess everyone there so I am nervous about how they make their final decisions. Im anxious & look forward to hearing something either way soon

They said they will start notifying people today right? Does anyone know the time frame?


i thought at the end of this week...unless i heard wrong....last year it was on a Friday that people started getting responses....the suspense is killing me also....

were you in the group that was green? I might have met you while in the computer room waiting for the essay....

again good luck to all...

thanks for the responses!

The paper that they gave us said that they would start notifying applicants after December 1 (today). So I would say start checking email tomorrow!!

The waiting process is very draining to say the least :uhoh3:... Good luck everyone

yupp... I am soo nervous even tho there is nothing we could do at this point. I hope I talked enough for them to notice me or at least "cough" enough LOL!

BTW I was Yellow triangle!

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