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UCLA 2023 Residency Program

Hi everyone! Please share your experience, tips, updates, etc concerning UCLA's New Grad Residency beginning in March 2023.

waiting to apply!

Hi! Does anybody know when the application closes or the last day to apply?

5 hours ago, 20newnurse said:

Hi! Does anybody know when the application closes or the last day to apply?

In the info session they said that it "officially" closes on September 19, but that they tend to close earlier once they've hit a certain amount of applicants. they recommended applying earlier rather than later 

It says the application is opening today but there is no link to the application? Am I missing something? 

Just called to ask about this and they said it should be up soon; their time frame for posting was 11:00am-12:30pm. Just going to keep rechecking.

I just applied!

good luck to everyone ??

20 minutes ago, nursemitzy said:

I just applied!

good luck to everyone ??

I'm still not finding the link on the UCLA Residency page. Where did you find the link to apply?

I do not see the link to apply either? Did I miss something? 

Here's the link: https://www.uclahealthcareers.org/job/16660992/RN-new-grad-residency-program-los-angeles-ca/

Also, I saw that ED is not one of the options, which is where I did my preceptorship. I know they recommend you apply to the unit you have the most experience in. Do y'all think they'll still consider me if I apply to ICU? or would I have a better chance if I apply to medsurg? Thanks!

Specializes in RN, BSN.

Does anyone have any tips for the UCLA app? 

If one is interested in L&D/PP, do both UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center offer new grad positions for someone like me?

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