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Hello everyone,

I did not see a conversation on UCLA MECN 2024. This is a topic for everyone who has applied to the MECN program for 2024! Good luck everyone, I am getting a little nervous. We should get acceptance letters by mid-February!

oh hi ! I have been looking for a post. thank you starting ! yes fingers crossed and best of luck to us all ☺️

Hello! Thank you for starting this thread! Super anxious and good luck to everyone! ???

I just can not stop thinking about this program! I am so excited! I hope someone from last year will share some valuable information.  

Hi, created this thread for those that applied to the 2024 UCLA MECN program. Has anyone heard back from them or know when we will hear something?

Hi @shd12! Thanks for making this thread. I applied to UCLA this past year and haven't heard anything yet. I was not accepted last year, and heard back around February 22 or thereabouts. Hoping for some better news for 2024!  

Hi everyone. Glad to have found this thread. I applied last year but was not admitted. I am hoping for some better news this time around! 

Good luck to you! You will get in this time!

Haven't heard back yet either.

EddiyC said:

Good luck to you! You will get in this time!

Thank you so much, I hope you're right! Which other schools did you apply to? 

So far I applied to APU (again), UCLA, and Western University of Health (Pomona). ......fingers crossed!!

I just got an email on Jan 16th saying that my application was completed and we should hear by the end of February 

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