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Hey everyone! I'm currently a student at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. I graduate this December and I'll be applying to UAB's AMNP program this Fall for the Spring 2017 class! I hope this group/thread can be used to help each other out through the application process. Also, to anyone currently in the AMNP program, please don't hesitate to drop in and share your application experience! :)

Same boat but OOS! Graduated in December and currently squeezing in some volunteering while working fulltime. I am super excited about this program, was premed and decided I would rather be a NP ultimately after lots of research comparing the two. I find that nursing/NP would be a more rewarding and fulfilling role personally for me and so glad I made the decision to switch!

I am, too! I've met a few people around campus who are currently in the program right now and they love it. I have plenty of volunteer hours from being pre-PT my first three years but since I switched so late, I now have a lot of catching up to do in the shadowing department. Although it's not a requirement, I've heard that they want to accept students who are 100% certain what NPs actually do. And I know that the undergraduate nursing program requires at least 60 hours so I'm setting that as my goal. :nurse:

Wow really? I am shadowing a primary care physician next week and struggled enough as it is finding that in my area. Hopefully it won't be near as hard finding a few NPs to shadow or I am screwed!

I'm also applying to the program! I don't have as much shadowing experience, but I work as a PCT, so hopefully that will help me out some. :) I currently go to UAB as well. I'm super nervous, but excited!

I will also be applying for Spring 2017, and I am really excited for the process to begin! I'm most worried about not having much "medical" experience. I've been wondering if they hold that to as high a standard as PA schools. I'm working as an ER scribe now; good experience?

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I think that ER scribing is good experience! I say this because you get to learn medical terminology, as well as see up close and personal what different providers do. PA schools mostly require "hands- on patient contact, but AMNP does not. While it may look good to have that, I think you're just fine!

On a side note, I'm really nervous about my stats and getting in! How do y'all feel about it?

Also, are you guys using the NursingCAS app?

Yes, I'm pretty certain that you have to use NursingCas this year for UAB. Unfortunately, I've only seen about 3 schools on NursingCas that have direct entry MSN, so for those of us who are thinking of applying to back up schools... this means multiple applications *sigh*

I'm stressing about my stats as well. My gpa is well above the 3.2 but it's not super impressive. But I have read from past amnp threads (from current amnp students) that they don't look at gpa and gre too strongly since it's not the most accurate predictor of nursing school success. In turn they factor in your extracurriculars and medical related experiences.

All of you guys seem like you're on the right track! Currently, I'm a pharmacy technician. I'm considering getting a second job more nursing related. I bet PCT and medical scribe will help y'all's application out a lot!

Yeah, well I volunteer as a Dental Assistant, different in many ways but also similar in many ways, and I get some fantastic patient interactions that is really hard to beat. It is really hard for me to gather alot of hours of shadowing as I work fulltime Mon-Fri hourly, so everyday that I have to miss takes a bite out of my paycheck. I just got back from shadowing A family physician and nurses at the place I volunteer it, and it was INCREDIBLE! Everything I dreamed of and more... My graduating GPA was pretty good, but I am not sure how it will turn out when all my grades are calculated together (I went to multiple schools, and my graduating one does replace grades so it won't be the same). However, I have some really good ECs as far as clubs and volunteering for my school, so I hope that can allow my app to outshine some of the minuses.

Sam is right, UAB requires you to go through NursingCAS. I have almost all my information filled out and will be applying soon so that I know if I can exempt the GRE or not. Also keep in mind, there are quite a few schools out there that aren't using the NursingCAS that does have the MSN Direct Entry. If I have to take the GRE, I will probably expand my list to include Vanderbilt, but UAB is at the top of my list because they offer the specialities I am really interested in (Oncology and Psychiatry), which I plan to pick one, finish the program, and then get a FNP while I work because I think either of these options (FNP Onc or FNP Psych) would pair really well together and allow me to provide the best care to my patients.

Best of luck to everyone!

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I also graduated with a GPA above the 3.2 GPA; however, I took the GRE just to have it if I decided to apply to additional graduate programs that may require it. PCT is a lot more hands-on than medical scribe, so I would definitely look for that type of position if you want more related experience, but I have learned A LOT of medical terminology as a scribe.

Shadowing is awesome! I haven't done it since my freshman year (2011) so I need to get some recent shadowing hours just to be safe.

I attended the AMNP interest meeting a month ago, and the advisor said that there was an alternative application that is not available yet. She said it was slightly cheaper, but assured me that neither application was "better". She also said that they have already gotten tons of applications already. It terrifies me! I don't have to take the GRE, but I might also apply to UAB's second degree BSN program.

Do y'all know if we can submit the NursingCAS application while we are still waiting on our references to send in their letters?

Good luck to everyone. ☺️

Hello everyone!! I'm fairly new to the thread, however very interested in the AMNP Cohort Spring 2017!!! I went to the informational today and was quite informed with everything involving the program. I am rather nervous because I have everything needed from extracurricular activities to patient experience except a solid GPA.My undergraduate major was Biology pre-nursing. I'm a CNA and have worked as a PCT at my local hospital. I LOVE my job and want to further my education as a nurse. Will my GPA be a hindrance of any? I'm so nervous lol. Could anyone currently in the program give some advice? Do they look at applicants holistically or just the GPA because of the competitiveness? Thanks for your help and good luck everyone!


I have heard multiple things, but I am under the impression that they look at you as a whole and not just your GPA. I was told they don't just take into account your overall GPA, but your prerequisite GPA, and last 60 hours. How are all three of those?

And you say that you don't have a solid GPA, what range is it in? I still wouldn't worry too much because they really want to make sure you know what a nurse does and are fully aware of their responsibilities. :)

I'm super nervous!


I have heard that they do a very good job at looking at you as an overall applicant. The admissions lady told me that they don't only look at your overall GPA, but your prerequisite GPA and last 60 hour GPA. How are those compared to your overall?

What range is your GPA in? I don't think you have anything to worry about especially since you currently work as a PCT/ CNA. How long have you done that?

Ive only been a PCT for 4 months. I hope they think that's enough ;)

Good Luck. :)

Hello there, I'll be applying as well. What other schools are you all applying to?

@FRronsee-- I'm still torn. There are so many programs that only offer clinical nurse leader so that takes them out of the running. I live in Birmingham and don't want to move across the country, so my options are down to Vanderbilt, Emory, and ECU which all have the FNP route and more--but like I said, I'm very unsure. All three of those programs are extremely competitive. What about you? I really want to see where everyone else is applying to.

I'm applying to both the AMNP and the 2nd degree BSN at UAB. I haven't taken the GRE, so that is keeping me from applying to other schools. I graduate undergrad from UAB in December, so if I don't get into my first choice (AMNP) I will probably then start studying for the GRE, take it and then apply to some of these other programs in the Fall application cycle.

Has anyone that's submitted their application been contacted yet?

I submitted my app last night and I asked them this morning if it was received (since this is their first time using NursingCAS). They did!


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