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UAB AMNP Cohort 2018 Applicants

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Hello Everyone,

I created this discussion for those of us who are applying to the AMNP program for 2018 to ask questions, share information, etc.

Hi there! So glad you created this! I'm in the process of completing my pre-reqs now and plan to submit my application this summer. I'm done with my nutrition class as of tomorrow and will complete my four remaining sciences this summer and fall.

I will be taking my nutrition class this summer, which will wrap up my pre-reqs.

Have you started your application yet? I tried to start it the other day but it said there was a different link we were supposed to use but I did not see it.

I have not started my application yet because I did not if you are allowed to start it and then just come back and work on it as you please. I am assuming that you can. Do you know if that is how it works?

I am applying at the end of this summer. I am doing my prereqs at UAB and will take physiology and chem this summer and nutrition and microbiology this fall. I took anatomy, developmental psych, and chem this spring and I loved all of the professors at UAB. I am just a little lost on the resume and what exactly they want to see from an applicant. Any info anybody knows on that would be great. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA in Advertising, and got all As on my prereqs so far

I am applying at the end of the summer too. I'm graduating UA as a Psychology major in December. 3.3 overall and pre req with CNA experience. I took the GRE too. I'm applying to the second degree BSN so hopefully I'll get into one of the programs.

Hey y'all! I'm currently in the process of applying as well and I plan on submitting by the end of summer! I'm taking one prereq this summer and the last one in the fall! I'm excited and nervous about applying but best wishes to everyone!!

Does anyone know how many apps they've gotten this year or how many they're accepting? I've read the threads from the past few years but I was wondering if anyone knows anything current.

Hello. I stumbled along this thread because I was trying to find a list of my classes next semester and this page and the new curriculum popped up. Lol. I am currently in the program and would be happy to help any way that I can! It is still very early but I'll try to keep up with the thread. Lol.

Thank you so much! Any feedback is awesome. I'm honestly most nervous about my GPA & at the time they review apps I'll only have had a year of full time CNA work. I feel good about my GRE, essay and LORs. Really hoping to get accepted to the program but if not I'll try and do 2nd degree BSN and work up to my masters.

How do you feel like they looked at you & your cohorts applications? Was there one or two areas of emphasis or do they consider everything? Also what was your experience with the interview like?

Hey! So at the time I applied I had a 3.5. BUT I also have friends who got in with 3.2s and there may even be people with lower GPAs. I would really focus on why you want to be an RN. Show your personality, show that you are passionate and be genuine. I worked for city government in recreation before starting the program. That has absolutely nothing to do with nursing but my degree is in health informatics. So CNA experience is great. In the interview they ask questions about your ability to handle stress and they really want to know why you want to be a nurse and if you can work well with others.

I am in the opposite situation from many of the aspiring nurses entering the AMNP program. I graduated from UA with a. ear perfect GPA and have tons of volunteer experience... but none in the medical field. I have no medical experience whatsoever. i feel confident about my LORs and the essay portion of the application and if offered an interview I believe I could do very well. How badly do you guys think the zero medical experience will hurt my application? I have applied to shadow a CRNA and a NP but unfortunately it will not happen before I submit my application. Any advice or words of encouragement? I am feeling very stressed about it

I have started my application. I need to go back in and finish it. Does anyone know if shadowing is required? I have not shadowed anyone. If required, I feel confident that I can make arrangements it will just be difficult to work around my current job.

Hello everyone, I'm currently in the cohort and wanted to offer to answer any questions as well. What is great about this program is that they really do accept a variety of applicants and the program has been slowly expanding every year. If you don't have any medical experience I would definitely recommend volunteering or shadowing in a hospital- not only does it make you look good as an applicant, but it will help you out to have some foundation of medical knowledge in the first semester. Interview questions were about why you want to do this program, how you are with working in a group, how you deal with stress, what you'd like to choose as your speciality, and how do you plan to pay for Phase 1 of the program. Best of luck everyone!

I'm a member of the current cohort with RFronsee! What I've read so far in the posts above is that you'll most likely be very competitive in the application process. To the person that is working as a CNA, you are probably a shoo in. Simply because you are currently working in a hostpital, and you KNOW what you are getting into in this field. Essay-wise they want to see that you know what nurses/NPs do and that you want to be one. GPA is important bc the first year is an academically grueling program. We have people in our cohort who have never struggled with grades, who struggle in the first year. Part of the challenge is that you are working long clinical hours (nearly as many as a full time job) and still have multiple lecture days per week, plus a big test every week, and endless assignments due. There is never enough time to study. I mean, I study at stop lights(!), if that is an indication. So, they shoot for high achievers. And even with high achievers, there are a handful that leave the program each year. All that said, I wouldn't stress about having a GPA under 3.5. FWIW, I had an overall 3.2 GPA (mostly from my BA degree), and a 3.7 pre-req GPA. I did not have in-hospital medical experience but have worked for medical non-profits. Also, they do look at all your GPAs, but I think they really hone in on the pre-req GPA. Hope this helps! And good luck. The waiting was the hardest part.

I just officially sent in everything! So nervous.

Hello everyone!

I am applying to the 2018 cohort. I have some questions for any current UAB AMNP students:

1) This is the essay prompt this year:

Please explain your understanding of the contribution nurses have in health care and why you are interested in a career in the nursing profession. Why is the AMNP Program a good choice for your nursing education?

-What do you suggest including in the essay? What should we highlight? What are they looking for?

2) I have a B.S in psychology, a 3.4 GPA from undergrad/4.0 pre-req GPA, and over 100 hours in each of the following volunteer positions: An NP-run women's clinic, a hospital and in a major medical research facility. I am also a CNA. I am very concerned about not getting into this program. Can you tell me if my qualifications are enough to achieve acceptance?

3) I have been told it it possible to work in year 2 and 3 as a RN. Have you found this possible?

I appreciate all the help and thank you for starting this thread!