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  1. Sarah44

    Cook Children's October 2019 Nurse Residency

    Hi, I also am in the process of applying to the critical care track. I was wondering if anybody had trouble with the application part. For the three references did you use your clinical instructors? I am just confused because they already ask for recommendation letters, so I am unsure if references are different. Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know if they have an October 2019 residency?
  3. You're right, July 1st was technically the deadline. I don't know what order they send them out in but I wouldn't worry too much! I don't think they've picked everyone yet. It seems like a small group so far. :)
  4. I actually applied very late. I think maybe August 10th everything was in. I got my acceptance September 1st. Best of luck to everyone who applied
  5. Everyone who got accepted should add the Facebook page: jhu: son masters entry summer 2019 cohort
  6. Yes! Places to live would be great. I'm from South Carolina. And maybe a two bedroom is I find a roommate in the program!
  7. Does anyone know of a Facebook page that has been made for the Spring 2018 Cohort so we could get in contact with one another and start planning for January!? It will be here so soon, congrats to everyone who has gotten in!
  8. Will anyone be looking for a roommate. I am 23 and pretty easy going. I do not really want to live alone, plus a 2 or 3 bedroom is usually more affordable and we can study together. :)
  9. I got in! I just got an email!
  10. Idk about early decision. She told me that and I did not apply until the August 15th deadline
  11. I talked to jhu today and they told me decision would be going out early/mid September. So soon!
  12. Sarah44

    MUSC Accelerated BSN 2018

    How are we supposed to plan for roommates etc. if we will not even know if we are until November? That seems a little bit late to be getting acceptance letters out.
  13. Would anybody be looking for a roommate if accepted? I am from Charleston, SC and will be looking for a nice, safe area to move to if anyone has suggestions?