when did u feel


like you were ready to take Nclex??I am taking the PN the middle of next month and have been out of school since september 30th,I have studied with Prentice Hall and Saunders 3rd,my scores range from 56-76% with all area's covered in 100 question quizes,my hesi's in school ranged from 750's-900's and no matter what I do I can not seem to get 80's in the 100 questions,now I wonder will I be ready?and how were your % while studing with the discs,what us the % needed to pass the Pn nclex??this confuses me too....ughhhhh:bowingpur

suzanne4, RN

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Your focus needs to be on understanding the question and what they are looking for in answer; no longer the actual score that you receive.

Best of luck to you.


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Any longer than 3 or 4 months out of school and I think you are doing yourself a disservice. Pick a date, prepare yourself by doing questions every day, and go for it. There are all kinds of strategies floating around this website so look around. You will be fine. Best of luck!

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