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Hi guys, I thought it would be nice to start an ongoing thread to just post/vent about your usual day. With a lot of entries, it can sort of serve to show nurses who are thinking about getting into Home Health what it is really like on the good days and the bad. Specialties Home Health Article


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I have a question: how do you move from hospital until the cases? You go with all you need in the car?


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Here's my vent- today I was sent to a motel next to a topless bar (parking lot for thw bar is shared with motel) saturated with drugs and prostitutes and when I complained they made it seem like that type of environment is normal and I was told all the other nurses are going and do not have an issues. Feeling blah today. Then I was asked to open a noncompliant patient that is on drugs and refuses to follow any medical advice.


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enjoyed your post !! But Never expect thanks for a job well done, they just give more work for you to do !

That has been and continues to be my experience !!! Took me years to finally decide to slow down & say NO once in awhile. :)

I'm thinking about transitioning into home health nursing. I'm an RN, however I'm concerned because I have severe allergies and asthma and I'm worried that going into home with so many potential triggers will further exacerbate my illness. Any thoughts?

This is such a wonderful thread! You always wonder what a day in the life is for different jobs and this really helps! I am interviewing for 2 home health jobs next week and I wasn't sure how I felt about it until I read this post. I am thinking of leaving the hospital and looking into HH and CM, this really was a fantastic way to learn about the flow and what to expect. Thank you!!

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