Types of Nursing Career Specialties

I currently am on the waiting list for my local community college's ADN program. I am taking my pre-required classes in the meantime. Nursing is a second career for me, and I still don't know "exactly" what kind of nursing I want to do. I have been looking for a list like this for a long time. I hope it will help others out also. Nurses Career Support Article Video


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Specializes in Acute rehab/geriatrics/cardiac rehab.

Hey don't forget about Rehabilitation Nurses. :) Caring for the newly disabled...helping patients to go on with their lives (victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents, strokes, spinal cord injuries, gunshot wounds, etc). We work as a team with Occupational, Speech, Physical Therapists and Physiatrists (Doctors of physical medicine) (http://www.rehabnurse.org)

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You can also add telephone triage and disease management(per telephone)


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I loved this thread, it was just what I was looking for, thank you so much for taking the time to find and post the different types of nursing carreers.



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OMG!!! This is exactly what I need! Just yesterday I was thinking about a career in Research nursing but wasn't sure how to go about it. Your are AWESOME for taking the time to do this. God Bless You!!!!!!


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Thanks for the websites. This will help guide me in my future nursing practice


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Specializes in Medical/Surgical.

This information is wonderful. I try to explain to my daughter and other young people that nursing is an awesome profession. However, they know that I work a medical/surgical unit and they respond that they don't think they could handle the "Blood & Guts" part of nursing. This list of the different types of nursing will be used by me to point out the many different types of nursing. Thank you for sharing your gathered information.

Take Care & God Bless, jkk

PS, Good luck with your schooling


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Hello everyone! I'm new to this website and nursing is a second career for me as well. I am a nursing student and am very excited about my career goal. This information was very helping in picking an area of concentration...thank you!!


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this will help me guide me as i go through nursing school so i can decide what i want to specialize in. ♥


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Well done and thank u for enlightening the numerous members. GOD BLESS YOU.


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Thanks for the list... Very helpful...

Thanks for the informationon nursing career. I was pretty undecided as to which nursing program to go into, but you have helped me out with these information.


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Specializes in Critical Care and Emergency Services.

Thanks for the info mona.

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