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  1. I am very glad you have been able to achieve your dream also who did you contact to new as civlian in ICU in war zone?? I have considered doing this but didn't know who to speak with.
  2. expatnurse

    Looking for UK nurses to chat/pen pal with...

    Where in the UK do you live perhaps we can get together for a cup of tea. look forward to hearing from you.
  3. expatnurse

    Looking for UK nurses to chat/pen pal with...

    Hi again, where at the moment are you doing your RMN training at?? Are you in the UK at present or are you in the USA?? I am confused. Please first set this straight for me then I will see what I am able to do to answer the questions you have but first I need to understand where at in the world you have been doing your nursing training at?? by the way I like you name never give up no matter what. Also why do you want to work as a nurse in the USA?? And no I have no desire to go back to nurse in the USA I just have to take the test for my grandparents its the last thing they were waiting to see me do.
  4. expatnurse

    Looking for UK nurses to chat/pen pal with...

    Hi, I need to clear something up. I live in the UK and trained here in London as a nurse. but I am from the deep south usa. I have not taken the NCLEX yet. but I will as soon as my Midwifery course is done. I am a RN adult branch. because I knew I would have to have the peads and ob/gyn hours I did what is called transition during the summer this I arranged in my own time and that is how I got the hours I needed. I was under the impression that to be a nurse in the USA you had to be general trained RN and this training includes the other areas you are talking about needing to make up. I have never heard of a nurse in the USA who would not have the hours in every area because they would not have been allowed to sit the NCLEX. In the USA you are a general nurse first then specilaze sorry for the mis spelling but I have been in lectures all day so my spelling is going. Please explain a bit more your experience and what the problem is you are having and what your overall goal is in the end.
  5. expatnurse

    Looking for UK nurses to chat/pen pal with...

    Hi, I am a UK trained nurse but am from the USA down south. I work in ICU and am currently a student midwife so I am more than happy to chat with you. What questions do you have?? What part of the USA are you from? Hope you are having a good day.
  6. expatnurse

    My Father Died Today

    I am very sorry for you and your families lose. I too lost my father not so long ago. But you should feel blessed for the time you have gotten to share with him not everyone gets that. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.