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I was wondering if you could become a Dermatology Nurse Practioner? When I look online, the list is general and includes Mid-Wife, Neonatal, and Psychiatric.etc...


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You can get an NP license and specialize in derm. Sometimes you can request a derm clinical in your graduate program. I've also heard of derm (and other specialty) fellowships for NPs. As nurses have dominated in the field of skin care/protection, derm has become a huge area for advanced practice RNs. I think the best way to learn more is to find a derm specialist, who may give you tips on how to get into the field. There is an "advanced practice" forum in the "specialty" section on AN--you may want to ask around in there.


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I'm not positive but you might be able to work in specialties such as dermatology with a degree of FNP family nurse practitioner, or an adult care nurse practitioner.


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Here is the link to derm certification for NPs



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I agree with the previous poster. You can go through a NP program and then specialize. I haven't seen any specifically for derm since that is somewhat limited but you could pursue adult NP or family health NP and then specialize. Even if there was a dedicated dermatology NP program I don't think I would do that since dermatology jobs could be very difficult to find compared to family NP jobs.

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