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Here is something that I have run into before. I work on one unit that gives report (usually taped) in conference room. Everyone is able to listen to report (if they chose to) along with their patients. The other unit I work on has verbal report at the nurse's station. Each nurse only hears what is going on with her patient. (then each side of nurses's station will go and do walking rounds--which does not result in any extra info other than a quick visual check and introduction).

Which would you prefer??? I personally like to hear what is going on with the whole floor. It must go back to the days when I was charge nurse--and actually was in charge. No assignment, did all orders, organized the shift, contacted MD's for patient needs, did multidisciplanary rounds for each patient. I like to tape my report--because I can stop and think about what I am going to discuss as pertinent.

Does anyone else do walking rounds? What do you think about them and how do they work for your unit???:cool:


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WE give report in person. But one nurse drives everyone crazy. She tells you her conversations with the pt in verbatim, explains each visitor, and what the patient thought of her meals.This is very annoying since we pass off report sheets anyway. Its almost like she thinks that she needs to prove to you that she is an attentive nurse.

Meanwhile call lights are going off like crazy

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I like to do walking rounds of my assigned area with the nurse along. And I work the ER. There are a lot of advantages to this


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We do taped report. We get to hear report on everyone's patients, and I like that. I don't necessarily take report on everyone else's patients, but it's nice to hear. No know that there's a potential bleeder in a certain room, or a woman that is in hiding froman abusive S.O. in another room, just to keep a heads up for these things.



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I agree--I like to hear report on everyone, even if they're not my patient. If a pt's vent alarm goes off and I run into deal with it because I'm closest, I like to know something about the person in the bed. If assignments get shuffled around due to admits or discharges, I may end up getting one of those pts anyway. And it clues me in on who has the busiest assignment, so I can make a mental note to help that nurse if I have any free time (ha ha).


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I like to do walking rounds in ICU as a charge nurse with the offgoing charge....gets me a quick picture of the whole unit. :)

There's really no time to do this out on my tele/PCU...and usually the charge nurse will tape report and then 'catch up' with the rest of the desk duties during report time. The nurses take individual nurse to nurse report ... if they didn't the turn around time would be too great between shift change.

Sometimes a bedside report can be a good way to share info, teach, etc if time permits....and we will try to do this with new equipment or procedures, etc. to orient the staff. :)


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Nurse to nurse report doesn't work with us. We have a combination of 8 and 12 hour shifts, and too many part timers, so the chances are slim that any one nurse is taking over the exact same assignment as the last nurse.


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We do 1:1 report in our busy 22 bed ICU, but we also let the other nurses in our 4 or 6 bed suites know what's going on with our pts. before we leave the suite (to get anything,etc.). The charge on our unit does not have a pt. assignment and gets report from the off-going charge, the charge will give a "heads up" to anyone with a easy assignment to help anyone who has a heavier assignment. It works for us, and we aren't compromising pt. confidentiality either.

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