what type of doctor is best?


Just as a heads up, I am fully aware of the policy about asking for medical advice on this website and I am not asking for medical advice right now (at least I hope not). What I am trying to find out is what type of doctor to see. I'm not asking anyone to tell me how to solve my problem or what treatments to use. I am young (27) and in pretty good shape, work out 3-4x/week and have been having awful knee pain for months. I have tried taking glucosamine supplements with no relief. I work nights so I am not on my feet as much as when I worked day shift so that's not a factor. All I want to know is if someone can tell me which type of specialty doc I should see-orthopedics? rheumatologist? general practitioner? with my insurance I don't need a referral so I can go straight to a specialist, but I don't want to waste my time and money doctor hopping till I get to the right type. Again, I am not asking for advice on what to do, just what type of doctor would be best.

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I'd go with the ortho


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I'd suggest maybe someone in sports medicine...

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Ortho as a first step. Since you don't have problems with other joints, you probably don't need a rheumatologist. Ortho will refer you if he/she thinks it's needed.

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you could stop by your local gym and ask for advice from the physical therapist there too

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You may not need a referral for insurance purposes, but seeing your general practitioner first and being referred by them to an ortho might get you in a little quicker than doing a self referral.

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You need to check with your primary health care provider for any referral to a specialist. We cannot provide any advice based on the s/s you described in your OP.

Good luck.

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