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Im a new grad thats in the process of interviewing for a GradRN Program at Trinity Mother of Francis. Whats up with Tyler Texas? The website looks like pumpkins and hay and that kinnd of stuff is all you'll find but then Ive read some nasty things online from white conservatives(They called themselves that and spoke horribly about the Hispanics and Blacks that were displaced by Katrina years ago)....I'm far from that with brown skin and from the islands (Jamaica). I have an opportunity to interview and possibly work at Trinity Mother of Francis so I'd like to know what it's like. I've never visited and I have a family members that live in Dallas(hours from Tyler)...def thought they were crazy when I was a kid, lol. Any info about Tyler or Trinity would be excellent. I also currently live in South FLA. West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale & Miami FL are my usual stomping grounds. Do you think I would make it in Tyler? Also what's the pay like? I'm looking to start in Med Surg bc I want a solid foundation first, not a specialty thats gonna drive me mad and then I'll only know how to function in that area. In South FL Med Surg/Tele is about 22/hr 7a-3p 25/hr 3p to 12a and 27/hr 12a to 7a...but it's hard as a new grad to find work here so I took some advice and applied out of state. Any info would help. I've seen posts from 2009 of people that were about to start there but they never came back to say how they liked it...or not. Come out of hiding all my Tyler TX/TMF folks! Thanks in advance. :nurse:

Tyler is way out there, country and just not very appealing in my opinion. It is very rural but it is the "bigger town" in East Texas. My friend works there and she likes it ok but the pay is very bad. She makes $21 (1 year after graduation) compared to my $26 in Dallas. Also, the night shift diff is 15% there and ranges from $7-$10/hr in Dallas.

They offer huge sign on bonus, so that is a plus. I have noticed that other hospitals in this area do not offer these, so I have wondered if that is a warning sign. Bottom line = it's a paying job and gets you experience!

Best of luck!

I grew up in Tyler. It is a pretty town with lots of recreational activities. There is a church on every corner and there are some really nice people in Tyler.

With that said, you would be foolish not to be aware of the diffuse racial views running through the undercurrents there. I know white people (some in my own family) who will look you right in the eye and act all nice and like they appreciate your help taking care of Grandma and then call you the "N" word when you walk out that door. SERIOUSLY. I have family members who so regularly use the "N" word that their 3 year old daughter uses it like any other word.

Are there good people in Tyler? Yes, of course. Is there a huge undercurrent of racial tension YES. I am caucasian and even though I have family there I will NEVER live there. EVER. I limit our trips back to two or three days so my child will not be around family members too long and so she will not start to think it is normal to get all dressed up to go to Brookshires (insert eyerolls here). Feel free to PM me if you want. If I were you, I would shoot for Arlington or Fort Worth.

I lived in Tyler for many years and worked at Mother's for 3 years. The town is great as is the area. The hospital is great to work for and had no bad experiences there. I left Tyler for the opportunity to do peds crit care. Good luck

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Thanks for all the replies! I haven't heard back from them since doing the video interview...so IDK. But I did get an offer about an hour from my house so I'm relocating there...only because I will be on night shift and I dont think it safe to drive an hour home on a major highway in 730am traffic.

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Tyler is a nice place to live and work. Tyler is as country as any other town in Texas. Definitely not as "way out there" as some cities in West Texas! You see cliches and racists althrough out the South, but that doesn't mean that everyone feels that way.

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