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I was talking to an OR nurse who states that TWU cuts the bottom 10% of the class. I am thinking of applying to TWU this fall and was wondering if there is any truth in this comment. I know that is a heck of an incentive for all who are taking the classes but that is kind of harsh. However, for any one who lacks motivation, this should take care of it. Thanks.


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They don't flush the bottom 10%. They have just come to expect that 10% of the class will not finish.


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This may sound like a silly questions, but I would like to know what happens to that 10%? Are they allowed to repeat? Are they allowed to apply to other schools? Is this their end of their dreams as aspiring CRNA?

I have heard some similar comments before about TWU, is the competition that hard?


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Kinda scary if you ask me. I know that most of the schools I spoke with and applied to had a 99-100% graduation rate over the last 5 years. I don't know if i'd like to roll the dice with my career and fall into the disposable. Maybe these people who aren't making it could make it somewhere else. I know we want the best people in the profession but there shouldn't be any kind of not passing quota.

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The goal for any anesthesia school is to graduate competent nurse anesthetists. Consider the other end, 100% pass rate on boards since 1984. Each and every student who has completed the program has passed boards.


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its not a quota, some people get sick, others need a leave because of a family event. those things are bound to happen out of 130 people. shcools who take 4 or 30 have less chances of things happening. if it was academic in nature they are allowed to repeat.

its is very difficult and very structured. but its "doable" lol


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don't get me wrong it is scary. every day I wonder if I will make it.


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am a little late on this discussion,but the hospital I used to work at had ALLOT of people apply to TWU. Every single person I know that went, has either graduated or will be very soon. Off the tope of my head I would say that is about 15 people that I know personally. They all said the first semester was extremely time consuming, but very doable

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