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TWU - Houston Applicants

Hey guys,

Just wanted to know if there's anyone out there registering for Fall '06 without all their prerequisites done yet. On the website it says that we needed practically all our science courses done in order to apply...is that true?? Seems kind of odd...but nevertheless, if anyone can help me out with that, it would be great!


I had the same question! I am pretty sure you have to have all of the pre-reqs completed before you can even apply. I think that's so stupid!! :angryfire I will finish my pre-reqs next semester, but becasue of this rule I will have to wait until Spring of 2007 before I can apply. I tried contacting 2 different people and I never recieved a repsonse about it. I contacted them via email, maybe phone would have been better. I hope you have better luck! Please post what you find out :)

NeoNurseTX, RN

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You don't have to have all of your prereqs done to register - but you have to have them done before you start [with the exception of multicultural and women's studies]. I'd email Dr. Tart or Ms. Jennings about it. Their emails should be on the TWU site.

hey! thanks for the help!


What's with the Nursing Entrance Test? I have to take it pronto before the Jan 15 deadline.

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