are there any more two year RN programs?

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Hello out there anyone know if there are any two year diploma RN programs offered in this great country of ours. lpn wanting to up grade

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In Ontario, they have phased out the Diploma Nursing program (college) and have BScN (university) program. However, they do allow RPN's to enroll in the degree program and recognize some schooling.

Check out this site for your own research...happy searching



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GMCC in Edmonton still has a diploma programme. But they will be phasing it out in the next couple of years. They only got their LPN-RN bridge up and running in 2003. They were putting pressure on the bridge applicants to go the BScN route.

LPNs need Gr. 12, Bio, Chem, and Math before they were admitted and at least one years full time work experience. Heard they also were basing admission on GPA as well (but that might just be a rumour). Kind of knocked a lot of older LPNs out of wanting to even apply for it. Because back in the '70s and '80s nobody took Math 12 unless they were going into medicine or engineering at university. And face it, when your in your 40's you really don't want to go back and redo your high school math, hoping that you might get accepted. To cut a long story short a few of the facilities that employed LPNs weren't that impressed by the requirements for admission to the bridge because as one CNE put it to me "I wouldn't make it into todays nursing programmes, because I didn't do Math 30 (gr. 12) and I certainly didn't have a 75% in those subject" They seemed to think that a high school graduation certificate, LPN diplomas was all that was going to be required....

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red river college in winnipeg has a 25 month diploma nursing (accelerated) program but "due to high demand this program is only open to residents of manitoba". shows how popular the two year plan is... and how shortsighted it is to eliminate them.


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I'm currently in a two year BScN program...but as opposed to being a bridge for LPN/RPN its more aimed at people with no nursing experience -- you need minimum 2 yrs university prior to admission with certain prerequisites (most people have degrees).

I remember hearing last year that it would be a couple more years before there are bridge programs in place since the education has changed to the degree requirement from the college diploma (at least here in ontario).

good luck with your search!


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Hello out there anyone know if there are any two year diploma RN programs offered in this great country of ours. lpn wanting to up grade

They do in Montreal. John Abbott College has an intensive program that is only 2 years and you come out with a nursing diploma.


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