Two year nursing programs with housing??

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Most are community/county colleges that have no dorms or housing plans. The thought is that most students either live with their parents or near by the campus (as in county tuition rates are much lower than out of county rates) Some are private schools that definitely don't offer housing. BSN programs at TCNJ, Seton Hall, Stockton, Rutgers, etc. have campus housing available.

Some of the hospital based programs had housing, but those programs are slowly being eliminated. (I know Mouintainside had a diploma program & housing, but they are in the process of finishing up the last class with no new admissions)

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I know that Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing has housing. The only thing is, when I went there there was only 1 person living in the dorms.

I think that med students would sleep there too if they were on call.

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is there anyone in new jersey that can tell me what lpn school is great to go to thats not 22,000 i live in woodbridge nj and i missed getting into st. pauls school of nursing by 1% and they told me to see them next yr. i am in my 30's and want to start an accredited school close to me. thanks

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Did you check your county vocational school? Generally you need to apply to the vocational school in your county of residence but the tuition is a fraction of the for profit schools.

I don't know of any in NJ, but Northampton Community College in Bethlehem PA has dorms and a 2 year nursing program.

what is the requirements to get into community college in Bethlehem,Pa

I realize this is old, but JFK Muhlenberg Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder School of Nursing (crazy long name) in Planfield NJ has very very nice private dorm rooms and they are a 2 year joint diploma in nursing and associate degree program with Union County College. Housing is $1500 per semester, which is really not bad.

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