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  1. megan3485


    Does anyone know if you can be a student from out of state to take Edukan classes and if so, can you have proctored exams at any out of state University?
  2. I know everyone's financial situation is different, but any schools you noticed that really help their students out financially?
  3. megan3485

    Loans and no options

    Before I explain what's going on, I have checked into every community college in the area. I live in PA and have always wanted to be a nurse. There are no colleges around me that have nursing. I would rather live in the NY or even NJ area anyway though. However, there are no reasonably priced schools with housing. The only school I could find is Hunter which is very competitive and probably not likely. I also looked at Farmingdale State which seems okay but I would need a single and there are barely any of those. Monroe College is another option. However, it is in a rough neighborhood and the dorms are not at their nursing campus. My parents cannot pay a dime for my education so I would need to take out loans. I do not know if I should just go for it. Yes, I will be in tons of debt. Isn't debt worth being happy though? I will not change my major no matter how much it costs. Nursing is what I want to do.
  4. megan3485

    Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing

    Can anyone explain Hunter's pre-req's and what else you need to get accepted into the program? Is it a double acceptance as in you must be accepted into CUNY and then the program itself?
  5. megan3485


    Are there any housing or dorm facilities for community colleges?
  6. megan3485

    Acceptance to Muhlenberg school of nursing

    Is there dorms
  7. megan3485

    Does anyone know adn programs with dorms in ny or nj?

    Hunter doesn't have ADN programs.
  8. megan3485

    mildred elley practical nursing program

    Do they take students for fall and spring?
  9. megan3485

    mildred elley practical nursing program

    What is the total cost of their LPN program in Manhattan?
  10. I cannot find one other than farmingdale with barely any singles
  11. megan3485


    I live in PA and it's only about an hour to NY. There are no nursing programs in my area so I'm considering living in NY and attending a school. However, I cannot find any housing. All of the CUNY community colleges barely have anything. Are there any housing programs other than EHS? EHS is around $18,000 a year and that is just too much. I am taking out student loans so just renting an apartment isn't an option.
  12. megan3485

    St. Paul's School of Nursing - Fall 2010 Acceptance

    What is their admissions process and do they have a website?? I can't get into contact with anyone.
  13. megan3485

    BMCC Spring 2011 hopefuls?

    Does anyone know if there are any housing locations in Manhattan other than Educational Housing Services? They want at least $18,000 per year and that's ridiculous. I cannot find any other housing. Any suggestions?
  14. My GPA isn't amazing. I would say it's around a 3.4. I will have all pre-req classes by January that most schools want. The lowest grade I have in a science class is a B. In HS, I had all A's and B's. I did not take any entrance exams yet since it is too early to apply. I know nursing is the only thing I want to do. I do not want to do anything else. Also, does anyone know programs that take students for Spring? Thanks!