Two state nursing organizations succeed ANA?

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A brief article in a recent RN magazine stated that nurses in the state nursing associations of Maine and Massachusetts voted to succeed from the ANA. Does anyone have anymore information regarding this?

Ted Fiebke, RN

The only thing that I know for sure is that there are now 2 nurse associations in Maine. MNA and the newly formed ANA/Maine.


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re PA and ANA :(formerly PNA)

PA collective barganing chose to leave in `1998 as they felt they cold get better serve it was a slightly upsetting decision but one we felt was in the interest of all nurses.

PNA(Pennsylvania Nurses Assoc.) became the collective bargaining union-affiliated with state teachers union/teamsters; nurses split form that group to form PASNAP-PA Assoc of Staff Nurses & Allied Professionals-about 5,000 members. SEIU also has strong union here. Don't know # of nurses left in PNA.

PNA-professional, noncollective bargaining, ANA constituent member has 2000+ members and growing. Has the ears of the PA SBON and legislature.

(Met with Senator Bell at Eagle dinner last night and thanked him for cosponsoring mandatory overtime bill, hope top get introduced in fall session.)

MNA voted by an overwhelming margin to disaffiliate from the ANA (26-Mar-2001)

(WORCESTER, Mass). At a historic and closely watched meeting held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester today, members of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) voted by an overwhelming margin to disaffiliate from the American Nurses Association (ANA). More than 82 % of the Nurses Vote for Split at Special Meeting Held in Worcester. The vote was ...

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Just bedside nurses of the Massachusetts & Maine state associations chose to break off from the ANA & form their own group like bedside nurses in California did 6 yrs ago.

So only parts of the association broke off. The states are now divided which is unfortunate. Massachusetts NA used to be an association of 22,000 RN voices in that state & I believe it is now only 11,000.

The rest of the association formed a new state group & stayed with the ANA. A similar thing happened in California yrs ago & now these states have 2 state associations. If they dont work together, their different messages could end up confusing their elected officials in matters of legislation & that could be harmful to their cause. Anyway, there are still associations for those states within the ANA .....along with 50+ others.


btw, nurses in Pennsylvania did the same thing but they were not from the ANA/Pennsylvania State Nurses Association as some people think. The Pennsylvania nurses you hear about with the Massachusetts nurses broke off from a nursing branch of a Teachers union in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania NA did not leave the ANA.

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