Two Job offers....


I'm a LPN, new grad RN ( no RN lic. yet) and I have two job offers. Both are part-time.

I don't know which job to choose!!

Job number one is a part-time 7-3 position in LTC

Job number two is also part-time in substance abuse from 1pm-6pm

Pros of job one- more flexible, once I get my RN pay will be 30/hr

Cons- Increased work load

Pros of job 2- Love the schedule. Mon-fri no weekends :) , I truly like this specialty

Cons- None at this time

*** I'm in a tough situation because I do want to get RN experience one day. The job market is not the greatest so I feel as though I need to take what I can get to make some money. Job number two is worried about me leaving once I get my RN. I stated that I plan to stay but can't help but wonder what would I really do. Sigh-

I really want job number 2, I guess now I need to call job number one ASAP to see if I can work out another schedule so possible I can do both. I really want stability at this point. I'm tired of job hoping. I have worked a total of 8 places in the past year. I just want to stay put for a while. Will keep you all posted...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I am not sure I understand, will you be working in an RN scope in job number 2?

I would suggest working where you can work as an RN, once you get your license. If you will be for both, then go with the one you will like the most. Sounds like job #2? Anyway, good luck. Just my thoughts.

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So wait...Job #2 is only for an LPN if I'm reading right. You won't want to stay at that pay. They are right, even if you like it, it won't be reasonable to support yourself on that. I'd take the Long Term Care job, and since it sounds like you are interested in psych/addictions. Keep an eye out for jobs that meat your qualifications. You might be surprised. :)