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Turning down a job

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Hello! I am a long time lurker. Currently working in LTC. Here is my situation....I got offered a job at the hospital as a CNA!! The hours are only part time and I just can't swing it with the way life is right now. I want to work there in the future though when I am more caught up with fiances. I already told them on the phone I didn't think it was going to work but they are looking into things and going to have someone call me back. If they can't offer me the hours I'd like....what is the best way to decline? I have been as polite and nice as I could have been. Thanked them ect but I think I irrated the nurse manager by decling. I'm a little scared because I have never declined any job before. Thank you for any help :redpinkhe


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well, if all they can offer is pt, then work pt at your SNF for a while to see how it works, if they like you, then as soon as ft comes, you are likely to get it. You have to get your foot in the door somehow, plus can you imagine the educational benefits...think long..think hard. I would try to do both pt....see what happens. keep us updated.


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I agree with annacnatorn. If working in a hospital is what you want (and it sounds like it!), going part time at your current job will likely be the best way to go. It shows your hospital job manager that your flexible, willing to do anything to work there, and work well even under less than desirable circumstances. Many hospitals offer benefits to part-time employees as well as full-time, so if that's your concern about leaving or reducing hours at your current job, look into it first!!

You might miss your opportunity with this hospital for good depending on how irritated the manager really is (which is kind of ridiculous to begin with - maybe she or he is just not used to getting told 'no'? Haha, it's kind of childish to be upset when someone politely declines an offer due to availability issues that can't be resolved...it just is what it is). If you do decide to decline, make sure you thank the manager and express your frustration at not being able to accept, and definitely tell him or her that you'd love to be kept in mind for when a full-time position opens!


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I think that if you are looking to work in a hospital, I would 110% take the part-time work. In my experience a facility is more likely to give you full-time work before hiring someone for a full-time position or another two part-time workers. They tend to like to hire from within rather than pulling in someone completely new, you know? I would accept the part time for now and get used to it and make sure you like it. Who knows, full-time could open up tomorrow! You can supplement the part-time at the hospital with part-time work at the LTC facility or maybe another hospital!

I agree. take the part time, the hours suit you right? I would also love full time because part time cannot pay the bills..

While pounding the pavement I could only find 11-7 and I can only do up to 6:30 because hubby has to catch the train, just for the half an hour no one would accommodate me and I fully understand.

Foot in tha door. Go for it :)

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