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  1. Restoration

    Starting Nursing at 52 and Nervous

    I just wanted to say congrats on becoming an RN. I dont think age matters, you will do great! This just encourages me that its never too late. kudos to you
  2. Restoration

    VEEB LPN Program (info request)

    Hi guys. I was wondering what were the class hours at VEEB? Thanks.
  3. Restoration

    LTC union job or hospital non union?

    This was my dilemna also. I couldnt stick it out. I'll just pay for the LPN myself next year and see what happens from there... Im hoping the hospital will change its mind on LPN hiring.
  4. Restoration

    How many set of scrubs do you own?

    Wow! you guys have so many. What's wrong with me I only own 2 tops and 4 bottoms...tho Ive been thinking of gettting more.
  5. Restoration

    How do you become a cna in a hospital

    I agree. Grab it Monty
  6. Restoration

    PCA at Mount Sinai

    They start at 15.78. Im not sure about the certification thing, they do take nursing students after a semester or two.
  7. Restoration

    what do CNA's do in a hospital?

    I recently started the 11-7 shift in a hospital. I do vitals, all the ADLs as necessary, safety checks, answer call bells and float different floors. I also have no medical/health related experience prior to this.
  8. Restoration

    Best Stethoscope for Nursing Students

    ole thread but :) ..to make a long story short I was told to get one by tomrw so I ran to the store and ended buying the ADC Adoscope lite 609. I spent a looong time in the Life store trying everything, this even sounded better than the Littman SE 11 to me. My friend got the same one too.
  9. Restoration

    CNA's want to share salary info?

    cdicapua you have email.
  10. Restoration

    Just Quit.... Need advice :/

    I would hold out for the hospital, thats what I did. I too quit the LTC after ..1 day.. Good luck to you and hang in there.
  11. Restoration

    Question HR asked when apply for hospital....

    I agree with you....and though I didnt quite know what I was doing at the time, this is how I got my job.
  12. Restoration

    Beautiful photos

    This is sad yet beautiful. Thanks for posting. I love photography and history. Here is a site that gives a little history of one of the places http://www.stillmirrors.com/LetchworthVillage/index.html I used to drive through one to get to the parkway after classes, got out and took many photographs on occasion and another up on the Long Island sound where I take my kids to the park sometimes. Eerie, interesting places.
  13. Restoration

    What Is The Total Cost Of Your LVN/LPN Program?

    [color=#ffa500]1* what's the overall cost of your program? $17,485 [color=#ffa500] 2* if u qualify for financial aid than what's the remaining amount that u have to pay overall? i do not qualify for financial aid 3* what school r-u-goin' to? ws boces 4* where's your school located? northport, ny
  14. Restoration

    Western Suffolk Boces LPN program

    Did anyone do the test on May 8th? Did you get a letter or call from BOCES yet?
  15. Restoration

    boces lpn program?

    Did anyone sit the exam on may 8th get called yet? Im hoping to start in Sept.