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Im just wondering what the average cost of out of state tuition is for CRNA programs. My tuition was apparently just raised, now to $840/credit. This seems outrageously high. I hav'nt found any other university yet that charges that much. How many schools are in this range?


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I don't know if there's a difference for out-of-state applicants, but my program in PA charges $800/credit or $7,000 per full-time semester. I know there are programs that are less expensive and more expensive in the area as well. Good Luck!


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$840 per hour -- sounds like you are headed to TCU. I know that is their tuition rate and they just recently raised it from 750 (I think). My accelerated BSN at TCU is a 15 month program and will be $40,000. I am able to swallow that lump that comes up in my throat by thinking about the long term outcome.


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i go to drexel in philly - it ends up being like 7500.00 per semester....


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This is not the program of CRNA

Just ....

My school is 'National medical center college of nursing'.

Namely it is supported by my country. So the tuition is not high. :)

Each semester (we have 6 semesters for 3 yrs) is about 900$.

So if we have at least 5,400 $, we can finish nursing school.

That's really cheap comparing with your school ones.

Of course we can get RN. :balloons:

Well the other private nursing schools, their tuitions are high. :crying2:


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I think at UC it is something like $333/credit in state vs. $614/credit out of state.


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I live in Canada, and my university charges $1200 per credit...with the exchange rate, that would translate into approximately $1800 US Dollars per credit. So, it's approximately $9000 US Dollars per semester. :uhoh3:

I just try to look at the long-term goal of becoming a nurse, and think about the last 6 years that I've spent since I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree, getting laid off from one IT job after another, and I know that this tuition is well-spent money.

Hang in there!


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I live in Canada, and my university charges $1200 per credit...with the exchange rate, that would translate into approximately $1800 US Dollars per credit.

Hang in there!

1200$ Canadian would be about 700$-800$ US, not 1800$. And this is a CRNA forum so we are talking about CRNA tuition. FYI.

To the OP, 840$ is high but not unusual. I pay 540$ a credit hour and count myself lucky. There are programs that cost less too. From what I have seen CSU-Fullerton has one of the lowest tuition costs which is probably why they have one of the largest applicant pools. If becoming a CRNA is what you really want don't stress too much about the costs. You will be able to pay off the loans. Best of luck.


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tcu's crna program is 11,000 per semester for the first couple of semesters, and then it gets cheaper once the main didactic portion is complete.


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tuition was $660/credit hr at tcu, they must have gone up, since it is a private university everyone pays the same amount, if you are going to a state university out of state you pay out of state fees for a year until you establish residence


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:crying2: I didn't mean to post to the wrong thread...I get these email updates from threads, I'm not sure why, and when I click on them, I end up in the middle of a thread without knowing which one it is.

I guess that will teach me not to post.

It will also teach me not to do currency conversions on the fly. :uhoh3:

I did mean well, though.


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Thanks everyone, it is encouraging to know that there are other programs charging similar fees. The unfortunate part is that my program's didactic portion is almost completely frontloaded with 17 credits the first semester alone...ouch! It is hard on us out of state students. Like you all will be money well spent. I just try not to dwell on it in the meantime.

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