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Trying to stay calm


Took my NCLEX for the 2nd time on Friday, the Pearson Vue trick did not work, went right to the payment screen. Decided to pay for the quick results and it said that I passed. What a rollercoaster of emotions. So, just waiting for the official post. Won't seem real until that happens.

Congratulations! What kind of book/resources did you use to make you pass?

I did the on-demand Kaplan course. It was pricey but didn't want to take it a third time. I did the on-demand cause the actual in class version was an hour away for 3 days in a row. It worked out well, NCLEX is just as much strategy as it is knowledge. I also used the Saunders review a little.

Also, in regards to the 2 tests, the 1st time I just did the Saunders review and all of Lippincott's Q&A-failed in 84 questions.

My 2nd test was 90% all Kaplan-passed in 75.

I'm using Kaplan too. My exam is on Dec.how long did you study for this test?

Luckily my job allows my to study. But, not knowing how far you are into it. It probably took a solid 2 months. I tried to do something everyday but didn't always happen. Just make sure you do all the question trainers, without that their guarantee is invalid.

congrats, mmcclurken! But here's an FYI: EVERYONE now goes to the payment screen, at least since Pearson Vue upgraded their registration software at the end of August.

Now, EVERYONE is directed to put their credit card info in and submit it; kinda chancey system, since you MIGHT pay $200 for a test you won't need, because you passed. And on rare occasions, people who have failed got what is called the 'good pop up'.

The PVT, as you knew it, no longer exists :)

It seems like a scam to get $7.95 per person, hey $8 is worth it.

It seems like a scam to get $7.95 per person, hey $8 is worth it.

Well....it's not like anyone is forced to pay eight bucks, right? You COULD just check your BoN's website, or wait for paper results in the mail, like they must do in California.

I think paying eight bucks is a STEAL if you're freaking out over whether or not you passed :)

It takes up to 10 days in Massachusetts for it to appear on the BON, that's the problem. I still don't believe the quick results. I'm incredibly gun shy since I didn't do well the 1st time.