Trying Not To Feel Discouraged...


I just got home from taking the TEAS test, where I scored a 73%. (74.4% National Mean and 75.4% Program Mean) UGH. There's been no official word from the Nursing program head honchos about a minimum passing grade, so I have no idea if I tanked or not. To me, the numbers just look so bad! So I'm sitting here, thinking, "That's it. 2 years of busting my ass for a 4.0 gpa on just the pre-req's and now THIS."

To top it all off, I got a weird and somewhat accusatory phonecall from the woman who proctored the test. It seems that she pulled my paper-and-pencil drug calculations test OUT OF THE TRASH after everyone was gone! WHAT?? She called to ask if I wanted it to be submitted or not. She thought *I* threw it away! I handed it directly to HER when I was done and she even collected my scratch paper to attach to the actual test. She denied taking anything from me and pretty much thinks I threw my test away. ARRRRGH. I was too upset to think fast on my feet, but I suspect someone snagged my test after I left and while she wasn't looking in order to copy my answers. They probably couldn't turn in two tests without detection (mine and theirs) so they ditched mine. *sigh* I don't know. I think all the stress has turned me into a conspiracy theorist or something.

If you've read this far, I thank you. I had to vent and my family is ready to sell me for parts from all stress!


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hey im so sorry. i don't know you or what exam ur talking about but i just wanted to tell u to stay encouraged and wait it out. YOu'll get thru this!


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It's so easy to feel discouraged after so much hard work. Stay positive! You could always take the test again.

Good Luck to you!!


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That stinks! I hate standardized type tests-i've always been terrible at them and am pretty sure I'll be struggling to well on mine when the time comes. Hang in there--if you made it through the pre-reqs then you have what it takes!


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Thank you for the pep talks!

Mimi, I actually cannot take re-take the test before admissions, so I'll have to wait until next year. I might check into other schools in the meantime...

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