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    I'm back from the meeting with my advisor and he gave me some terrific insight as well as some logical suggestions. As an aside, I have to say I feel much, much better (or at least a lot less devastated) about not making the cut for the nursing program. I had some unusual circumstances to contend with the week of the test, and my advisor was quick to point out that at least I know WHY I did so poorly (I got a 73%). My options are to wait until next Spring 2010 to reapply, which is a new addition to the Nursing Program, or wait until Fall 2010. I could also consider taking the Medical Assisting program, but I really don't think I'd enjoy that. What we decided is best for me is to enter the Physical Therapy Assistant program, which is a two year associates degree. I already have most of the pre-req's in the bag, so I'll go ahead an apply as well as take the remaining pre-req's over the summer. Overall, I am very happy with this development. I was starting to have some niggling concerns about becoming a nurse, but never said a word about them to anyone. I didn't want to show a "crack in the wall" of my resolve to be a nurse. Now, none of my concerns would have kept me from pursuing a nursing degree, but I'm seeing that being a PTA is going to be a better fit. Thanks again, everyone!
  2. Aimes


    Thanks for all replies, everyone. All your suggestions and encouragement are truly appreciated. My family and friends are sympathetic, which is nice and has it's purpose, but you guys are the ones with sympathy AND solutions, which is REALLY nice! I am definitely going to take another look at the big-bank private school that I previously dismissed. It makes sense that if you get in quicker, you graduate quicker too, thereby joining the workforce to begin earning money asap. Of course, I'm already 2 years into this Comm. College for about $14k, so what's another $40k? (It's like Monopoly money at this point.) When I speak with my advisor this morning, I am going to ask about becoming an LPN in order to use the LPN-RN transition, which definitely gives RN applicants a nice edge, but is not a guaranteed admission to the Nursing Program. However, it's another path that's worth exploring, for sure. Looking outside my area is a great idea, however it would not benefit my situation. I live in a part of West Virginia that is squarely in between Virginia and Maryland. Out of state tuition is cost prohibitive, unfortunately. I love the imagery of Randy Pausch's brick wall analogy. It is humbling and energizing at the same time and I needed to read that, so thank you very much! I'll be sure to update after my meeting with my advisor this morning. Ultimately, I just might be too stupid to give up, so I'll keep on keepin' on.....Thanks again, everyone!
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    There are two other programs in my area. One is outrageously expensive - simply TOO expensive and the other has already filled their Fall program. And yes, my school only admits every Fall. I have an appointment with my advisor tomorrow morning to discuss my options. I'm an older student (42), so I really want to get things moving as quickly as possible. There are a few things I'm considering, like the new Physical Therapy Assistant program or perhaps the Medical Assisting program, both of which are 2 years long. I have most of the core/pre-req's for them. Worst case scenario (as I see it today): Wait another stinkin' year and apply again. I am completely open to ideas!
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    I'm in WV, Prettyladie... Thanks for the encouragement, Calliotter. They've already chosen the "golden 24" for the Fall. I can re-take the TEAS next Spring if I decide to reapply.
  5. Aimes


    ...and it feels pretty awful. The TEAS test tripped me up. My 4.0 GPA, sterling letters of reference and high grades in Human A&P just weren't enough. Granted, the school I applied to can only take 24 students, but I was really holding out (dim) hope that I would be one of them.. Is there a place for someone like me in nursing? I know I can do the work; I have the dedication, common sense and intelligence it requires. One test gets to determine my fate for an entire year until I can reapply?? Ugh! I'm whining and I know it. Has anyone gone through anything similar??
  6. Aimes

    Low GPA?

    I've got the opposite situation: A 4.0 GPA for the last semester, an overall current GPA of 3.6 and I just scored a lowly 73% on the TEAS. I'm not too hopeful about getting into the Nursing Program for the fall.... Good luck to us!
  7. Aimes

    Trying Not To Feel Discouraged...

    Thank you for the pep talks! Mimi, I actually cannot take re-take the test before admissions, so I'll have to wait until next year. I might check into other schools in the meantime...
  8. I just got home from taking the TEAS test, where I scored a 73%. (74.4% National Mean and 75.4% Program Mean) UGH. There's been no official word from the Nursing program head honchos about a minimum passing grade, so I have no idea if I tanked or not. To me, the numbers just look so bad! So I'm sitting here, thinking, "That's it. 2 years of busting my ass for a 4.0 gpa on just the pre-req's and now THIS." To top it all off, I got a weird and somewhat accusatory phonecall from the woman who proctored the test. It seems that she pulled my paper-and-pencil drug calculations test OUT OF THE TRASH after everyone was gone! WHAT?? She called to ask if I wanted it to be submitted or not. She thought *I* threw it away! I handed it directly to HER when I was done and she even collected my scratch paper to attach to the actual test. She denied taking anything from me and pretty much thinks I threw my test away. ARRRRGH. I was too upset to think fast on my feet, but I suspect someone snagged my test after I left and while she wasn't looking in order to copy my answers. They probably couldn't turn in two tests without detection (mine and theirs) so they ditched mine. *sigh* I don't know. I think all the stress has turned me into a conspiracy theorist or something. If you've read this far, I thank you. I had to vent and my family is ready to sell me for parts from all stress!