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Trying to get a leg up...

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A quick bio...

I am a returning student (mid 20's, male) 2 yrs into an 4 yr RN program. GPA is 3.8, also have EMT-B certification.

Have researched CRNA field for about a year and WANT THAT JOB and am willing to accept the sacrifices that I will need to make along the way.

What can I be doing now, besides school, to get a leg up in the field? My part time job is patient transport in a hospital but this does not adequately challenge me or allow for networking with CRNA professionals (patient contact aside). I also volunteer as an EMT in my town and plan on getting my cardiac certification this summer.

Are there part time jobs that any of you have held that helped to better position you for a future as an CRNA?

Are there any types of mentor programs out there for nursing students that do not yet have their RN?

Any info is greatly appreciated.


Maybe try to get a collegiate student nurse position (sna) at a hoapital or the place you are employed at. The state I went to school in had these positions at most of their hospitals and were usually chomping at the bit to get us students working for them. You also got to pick what area you were interested in.....not sure about anesthesia area but pretty much any other area...maybe check with the humasn resources office or the nursing dept at the hospital...good luck!


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How about getting a job as a Student Professional Nurse in a CVICU or ICU at the hospital? This would give you great exposure, and also make it easier to land that job straight out of school if you prove yourself as an SPN.


The best thing for you would be:

1. Get the best grades you can.

2. Get a student extern/intern position in a high acuity ICU so you can get comfortable with the environment and it may get you a foot in the door as new-grad applicant to an ICU.

The rest is fluff really...no part-time pre-icu job will have a big impact on your admission to a CRNA program.

Good luck and keep your nose in the books.

Hope this helps....


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I'm working on my way to CRNA too, just graduated as an RN last May. I agree that it would really help to get a job as a CNA/PCT in an ICU area. I regret not pursuing this aggressively myself. The hospital where I work only hired one new grad directly into the ICU and she had been a PCT there for (only) a summer during her BSN. The rest of us seeking critical care are in step down/telemetry. The hospital with the level I trauma center that I applied to also favored some type of ICU experience during nursing school. Plus, you'd be more familiar with the environment and procedures. Good luck!


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Also, you can look into jobs as an anesthesia tech. That way, you will see CRNAs in action and get a better feel for the job.


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Do your preceptorship in an ICU (preferably teaching facility) I work in a county trauma ICU and we've hired a few new grads, usually who have done clinicals in our unit. EMT is great. The best CRNA I know was a medic before an ICU nurse and flew into CRNA school @ Texas Wesleyan. For now, just keep the grades up....and take the GRE soon after graduating. Good luck, keep up that determination...

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