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  1. whatnext

    please, for all that is good, help me!

    I agree, forget the LPN. Most hospitals don't even hire LPNs anymore. If you can't do the BSN right away because of money or time, get your ADN then do RN-BSN. I got my ADN and then worked full-time as an RN while doing my BSN. You have a long way to go before you can even consider applyig to CRNA school. See if you really want to be a nurse, get thru school and then shadow some CRNAs. Keep your grades up and get some good ICU exprience. It's not as easy as it might sound. Oh, and by 2025 all CRNA programs will be doctorate level, but for now they are master's level and doctorate.
  2. whatnext

    TCU Applicants...........

    Did anyone get into the DNP program?
  3. whatnext

    TCU Applicants...........

    Congrats!! I got my email today too, going to Tulsa, my #1 choice.
  4. whatnext

    How soon is too soon to take the GRE?

    I think most schools require the GRE within the last 5 years, at least the ones I applied to. I think that's because the scores are only available for 5 years from the testing site. I waited until I was in ICU to take it.
  5. whatnext

    TCU Applicants...........

    How'd your interview go today Loveseacraft? Did they say anything about when they are making decisions? Last week I heard by the end of the month, but the waiting is already killing me.
  6. whatnext

    TCU Applicants...........

    I got my TCU invite today too!! Dec 3, now to make the arrangements and prepare more for the interview .
  7. whatnext

    requirment for CRNA

    Schools usually want recent ICU experience, but you could call and see what they want. One of the schools I applied to specified they wanted at least 1 year of ICU experience within the last 2 years.
  8. whatnext

    application question...

    One of the schools I'm applying to wants a letter of recommendation from the director of the school of nursing. The problem is I never met the director of the school of nursing from my RN-BSN or ADN program. I recently moved several states away so I can't even meet with her in person. Anyone else had issues with letters of recommendation?
  9. whatnext

    Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?

    Anyone know where I can get just the Pass CCRN CD? I bought the book (with the CD) last year, but pushed taking the CCRN back d/t knee surgery, took the GRE, and moved twice. Now I'm studying again, found my Pass CCRN book but no CD! I can't find it anywhere. I don't want to buy the whole book again if I don't have to just to get the CD. From what I hear, the CD is the best part. Anyone have luck finding CD only?
  10. whatnext

    Inorganic chem...

    Is inorganic chem the same as general chemistry?
  11. whatnext

    Missouri State/St John's chemistry requirement

    So, this might sound stupid, but is general chemistry the same as inorganic chem?
  12. I tried to do a search on this, but didn't find much. I just received the application packet from St John's, and the requirement for chemistry includes 4 hours of inorganic chem and 4 hours of organic chem. I have taken gen chem I and II, 3 credits organic chem and thought that would be enough, and it is for the other schools I'm looking at. I can't even find a local or online inorganic chem class, and wonder if I need to take an organic chem (my chem is over 5 yrs old anyway) but even those are only 3 credits. Anyone get accepted at St John's with less than these requirements? For those who have been accepted, what chem classes did you have? Did you also take a genetic class? (It is recommended in the application)
  13. whatnext

    Transfer to SICU?

    I'm not a CRNA or CRNA student yet, but here's my 2 cents....I would transfer to SICU if possible. I worked full time nights and did my RN-BSN, and switched from CV step-down to STICU (in a different hospital so I had to learn new hospital stuff too) halfway through the program. I still got a 4.0 in my program. You have to have at least 1-2 years of ICU exprerience anyway, so why not get the experience and get your BSN. It sounds like it might take you a little longer, but otherwise it will take you even longer before you can apply to CRNA school. I know people that have been accepted to school before finishing the BSN program, they just had to have the BSN before CRNA school started.
  14. whatnext

    moving from Charlotte, NC to Tulsa, OK?

    Well, I've been in Tulsa for almost 2 months, and just started at Saint Francis a few weeks ago. So far so good. I miss Charlotte more than I thought I would, but everyone here seems really nice and friendly. mikeLPN2RN--Are you liking MICU? I interviewed in MICU, STICU, and CICU, decided to go with CICU.
  15. whatnext

    RA pressure vs CVP

    I figured it was just a preference, or whether one is taught using RAP vs CVP. This particular nurse was adamant that it was RAP and that to call it CVP was wrong, although the values for CVP and RAP are the same. Maybe she would use CVP if the tip of a catheter (central line, etc) was not truly in the right atrium, but the vena cava (of course, the literature I've read says it is essentially the same). I just wanted to make sure there is not something I am missing (I came from a surgical trauma ICU and am now in CICU), but I did not want to go round and round arguing about such a thing with this nurse when we agreed on the normal values.
  16. whatnext

    RA pressure vs CVP

    I've always heard CVP referring to RA pressures, including the research I've read. I just recently moved and when I called the RA a CVP (talking about the proximal port of a PA catheter) I was corrected and told it is an RA, NOT CVP since the reading is coming from the right atrium. The research I've read refers to the CVP when referencing this waveform, as we are actually estimating the right ventricular end diastolic pressure. Can anyone provide any input as to the difference between RA and CVP?