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One of the schools I'm applying to wants a letter of recommendation from the director of the school of nursing. The problem is I never met the director of the school of nursing from my RN-BSN or ADN program. I recently moved several states away so I can't even meet with her in person. Anyone else had issues with letters of recommendation?

Call or email the school to which you will be applying and explain your situation. This may not be all that an uncommon occurance. Others have probably run into this situation and the school may have an alternative policy for reccomendations.

Good Luck.

missnurse01, MSN, RN

Has 18 years experience.

from what I have read on many of the school's websites, the letter from the director from your nursing program is just something that you request and they do-obviously they focus on your academic acheivement. This is something that the nursing schools do all the time, and doesnt necessarily require an in person appointment to do it. I would call and talk to the director beforehand, just to let them know that you are requesting one, and to go over points in your nursing career. I haven't tried it yet myself, but will when I am ready to apply.

I had the same issue. Just asked someone from my BSN program to fill out this simple short form. The school I was interested in stated that it could be an administrative personnel or the program director.

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