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Hello. I have been a nurse for over a year now. I had a tough time finding a job in a hospital when I got out of school. I was offered a position, working as an RN, for the home health company I worked for as an aide. I have been working with them as an RN since September 2013 and it is just not for me. I would love to get into a hospital, so I can continue learning and growing as a nurse. Unfortunately, my current job doesn't provide me with much growth as a nurse. I do not have much clinical experience since I have graduated, so I still have my clinical experience listed from school on my resume. Not sure if I should still have that or delete it from my resume. Also, need advice in general on how I can improve upon my resume. Thanks in advance for any help or tips!




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Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, PA

Bachelors of Science in Nursing Aug 2008 - May 2013

Minor in Psychology


PA RN License #RNXXXX, Current-Oct. 2016

American Heart Association Basic Life Support Certification, Current-Nov. 2015


Geriatrics: Rose Haven Assisted Living (Sept.-Dec. 2009)

Geriatrics: Scenery Hill Nursing Home (Jan.-May 2011)

Pediatrics: Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh (Aug.-Oct. 2011)

Maternity: Dubois Regional Medical Center (Oct.-Dec. 2011)

Medical Surgical I: Indiana Regional Medical Center (Jan.-May 2012)

Medical Surgical II: Indiana Regional Medical Center (Sept.-Oct. 2012)

Home Health Nursing: Visiting Nursing Association of Indiana (Jan.-March 2013) Psychiatric: Armstrong County Memorial Hospital (March-May 2013)

Preceptorship: Indiana Regional Medical Center ICU (Oct.-Dec. 2013)

  • Completed 64 hours of onsite experience.
  • Monitored patient's vitals as well as provided medication.
  • Completed full assessments on patients in the ICU.
  • Gained experience in electronic charting.

Work Experience:

Bayada Home Health Care Langhorne, PA

Staff Nurse Sept. 2013-Present

  • Performed patient assessment
  • Implemenedt care plans based on individual patient assessment
  • Administer medications and treatments according to physician orders and scope of practice.
  • Completed appropriate documentation and charting including incident reports, orders, and change in care plans.

Bayada Home Health Care Langhorne, PA

Home Health Aide July 2010- Spet. 2013

  • Monitored the client's condition by observing any physical and mental changes.
  • Performed a variety of duties as requested by client, such as helping with bathing, activities of daily living, light house work and providing transportation.
  • Provided the client with companionship and maintained a safe environment.

Bayada Home Health Care Pediatrics Pittsburgh, PA

Home Health Aide Sept. 2010- Nov. 2011

  • Monitored the client's condition by observing any physical and mental changes.
  • Assisted the nurse with providing suctioning, medications and feeds through the feeding tube.
  • Performed duties such as bathing, mouth care, range of motion, changing and feeding tube care.

Volunteer Work: Membership:

Flu Shot Clinic American Nurses Association

Asthma Awareness Day Alpha Tau Delta (Nursing Sorority)

Blood Pressure Clinic

References available upon request


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I'm not even a nursing student yet but a couple general things leapt out for me. If you do decide to put your clinical experience on your resume (and my understanding is that people on AN have differing opinions on whether this is appropriate or not), I would put your professorial RN work ahead of any clinical experience.

Looking at your resume, my inclination would be to leave the list of clinicals off unless there are specific skills you used during a clinical that you want to highlight, or you're applying for a position and want to show that you have experience in that particular area. If you want to leave your preceptorship on, you need to punch it up some (was it really only 64 hours over 3 months or is that a typo?). What did you do there? What skills did you use? How many patients did you care for at one time?

For your RN work, you need to be consistent with the verb tense you use. I usually follow the rule that if I'm still in the job, I use present tense -- so it would be "perform patient assessments", etc. Also, there's a typo -- either implement or implemented, not implemenedt.

Can you make the description of the work you're currently doing more dynamic? What are the treatments you're implementing? What nursing skills are you using now? The way your resume is currently written, it almost looks like the work you're doing since getting your RN is similar to the work you were doing as a health aide -- I'm assuming you have more responsibility now.

Typo for the langhorne HHA position -- Sept not Spet

Finally, I would include less detail about the HHA positions. I think you should leave them on since the are health care related and show job continuity. They do raise a question though, why do you have overlapping timeframes for the work in Pittsburg and Langhorne? It doesn't seem like you could have held both jobs at the same time, given the distance between the two.

Good luck!


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Also- reference available upon request is a mistake

Always list at least 2 references

If you say "upon request" you're making more work for HR (so they'll just toss your resume)

kiszi, RN

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Disagree with above. No mention of references needs to be made. Firstly, most online applications include a place for references. Secondly, references are typically not checked until after a job offer is made.

I agree with putting work experience at the top and leaving off clinicals. I also recommend tailoring the job skills to the positions you're applying for. Include key words from the job description; anything that emphasizes teamwork, supervision, or leadership would help. I like words such as "collaborates", "coordinates", "supervises", "ensures" to convey a sense of responibility. If you can work in something about using the nursing process that'll get you bonus points. Simple statements like "performed patient assessment" and "administered medications" are assumed and therefore unnecessary.


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You've gotten good advice so far and I just wanted to add I worked 8 months after graduating as a home health nurse before I got this hospital job. You can sell your home health experience so don't sort change yourself. I spoke highly of my home health experience at my interview and made sure they knew I have some experience over the fresh new grads that would be an asset. Definitely put the home health experience before the clinical experience and all other jobs since you're not a new new grad anymore.

Best of luck!