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I am a new grad moving to Clearwater, FL after passing my NCLEX-which I just schedule for 6/2. My hope is I have a job lined up before the move. I’ve been applying for all acute care jobs(Baycare, HCA, Bayfront) in the area since mid April and still currently doing so. I haven’t heard back from ANYONE! I’ve included in my cover letter and resume that I’m “permanently relocating” to the area in June. I’m starting to get very discouraged and I have no idea what to do, who to contact, etc. I’m not sure what to do. Any advice on what to do, who to talk to, anything really would be super helpful! Thank you so much!

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I relocated to the area (St Pete) from out of state as well, in Fall 2018. I already had a FL nursing license 1.5 years before moving, I thought that would provide me a slight edge. It did not!

I have found those systems you listed to have a ton of openings, but, no one ever calls back or you get an email or status saying they chose a more appropriate candidate. It's so frustrating. Now, granted my nursing experiences are very specific (In clinic Allergy/immunology/ChemHealth), but, I was still a RN with a BSN. I was trainable.
I applied to over 30+ Hospital positions, from med/surg overnights to nurse residencies even. After all that, I finally received a call from a recruiter at Bay Care, but, he told me my nursing background was probably the reason I wasn’t getting selected. That interaction went no where. He said he’d call if anything came up, he never did.
I am in an Immunology clinic now. Which I love. But, it seems hard to get out of the specialty even if I wanted to....

But, I was also was offered a job at LTC/Rehab. I declined as that’s never been my thing.

Good Luck!

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Hca offers StaRN for new grads (if your interested). BayCare is hard to get into but a decent system to work for. I applied for all the systems you listed and many out of state. I got replies from all of my out of state (and 3 job offers) before any of them even contacted me for first interview (this was even the facility I worked at in Largo!). Ultimately I moved out of state but miss my team back in Largo.

Thank you for your comment! I have been contacted by a recruiter from HCA and she forwarded my info to a StartRN recruiter but it’s been a week with no response. I also heard that is very competitive and I’m out of state so it might be unlikely. I’ve tried Baycare but they have no residences open currently or any Clinical Nurse I positions-everything is out of my experience level. I just feel very disappointed, discouraged and not sure what to do at this point. I’ve very set on moving to that area this Summer but don’t like skilled/long term facilities at all. I did a few rotations in those and hated it. Not sure what to do at this point since I have no network/contacts and I’ve been applying for 2 months now.

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Also, not sure if the ongoing crisis has had an impact with hiring freezes and such, but, just keep trying. You’ll get something. You just might have To take any position to get settled here, then find a new hospital position...

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Hey were you able to find anything? How'd the move go?

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I’m curious as well....

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congrats on passing the nlcex and good luck on the job search

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