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  1. College of central Florida - Fall 2020

    good luck on the application process
  2. no restrictions in florida that I know of
  3. Standard COVID Precautions

    n95 is the standard at our hospital
  4. How often should healthcare workers be tested for COVID?

    I've never been tested for covid since working
  5. Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    My hospital seems to be slowing down with cases
  6. Travel position or staff position? Both available

    good luck on the job hunt for travel nursing
  7. Pensacola Area RN Pay/Benefits

    I was thinking of moving to pensacola myself as I have family in the area
  8. Trying to find job in West FL

    congrats on passing the nlcex and good luck on the job search
  9. Best Baltimore hospitals to work at as new grad?

    congrats on passing the NCLEX
  10. Benzodiazepines

    I'm not sure but benzos are non controlled substance I believe
  11. American Nurses in U.K

    I've always though about travel nursing, this could be another option
  12. I like being a male nurse even though of the stereotypes
  13. Nearly impossible to find NP jobs

    Yes it is hard to find a NP job as a new grad
  14. CCRN Exam

    The CCRN exam was a difficult exam however manageable
  15. Nursing school

    I believe nursing is well worth it