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I know this is a stupid question, but I just can't figure it out. It's probably so simple, yet I don't get it. Let's say I work 3-11 shift, mandatory every other weekend. If they give me off...say MON and FRI, that would mean I would work the weekend, correct. Now, the next week I work MON and FRI, so I work the entire week through and have off the weekend. Is this right?

The weekend I work I wouldn't have MON and FRI off becase the next weekend I have off so I would have to work straight through correct?

Example if I have off Feb 2 and 6, then work 7 & 8, I wouldn't get 9th or 13th because I would have off the 14th and 15th but then I would have off the 16th and 20th so I would get a 3 day weekend? I don't know why this is so confusing to me. Can someone please give me a sample schedule so I can understand? Thanks :bugeyes:


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In my hospital, Fridays are not considered a weekend, so I cannot answer your question. It stinks because if it is my weekend off, I work Friday nights from 7PM-0730 on Saturday AM... So, to me that is not a weekend off... Welcome to nursing for sure...


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i know this is a stupid question, but i just can't figure it out. it's probably so simple, yet i don't get it.

there are no stupid questions.

if you are paid every two weeks, you could have three days off one week and work the entire week through (more than five days) the next week.

if you are paid weekly, you would work five days and get two days off.

one week you would have sunday and one weekday off.

the next week you would have one weekday and saturday off.

example/sample -

i get paid weekly. here is my schedule. w = work day, f = day off.

february 2009

[color=white]01w [color=white]02w [color=white]03f[color=white]04w [color=white]05w [color=white]06w [color=white]07f

[color=white]08f [color=white]09w 10w 11w 12f 13w 14w

15w 16f 17w 18w 19w 20w 21f

22f 23w 24w 25w 26w 27f 28w


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I'm full time and work every other weekend.I have a day off each week. THat's 80 hours- We have several set schedules-I'm a Thursday/Monday person-I love having Monday off after I have worked the weekend.I can plan ahead for months for vacations-the schedule never changes unless someone has a special need and then the scheduler will speak to us about it...


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Thank you so much for taking the time to give me an example. I truly appreciate it. I work now at a clinic and do 4 10's. I always have off Sat, Sun and Mon. Three day weekend is nice, but the first day is always spent resting from 4 10 1/2 days in a row, plus the pay isn't great and I feel I am losing my clinical skills. Thanks again.


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I'm sorry, but I don't understand, why do you only have off one day?

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It's difficult to answer your question without knowing the scheduling practices of your particular department.

From your post I'm assuming you work one steady shift - 3-11 - 5 days per week. Every other weekend is required, right?

Again, without knowing the specifics of the workings of your dept., I can't necessarily assume that being scheduled for a Monday and/or a Friday has any bearing on the weekend schedule or vice versa. Does the "week" begin on Sunday and end on Saturday? Is everyone scheduled for 5 consecutive days and then off for a 2-day "weekend"? Or might you be scheduled, say, M - T - W - H - F one week, and be off for the weekend (Sat. & Sun.), and then work M - W - H - F - Sat. - Sun. (being off on Tuesday, working 6 days in a row but still only working 5 days in the Sun. - Sat. work week) etc. etc.

See what I mean? You'll need some additional info about this unit's scheduling practices.

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