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:)hi im in my first yr at wcccd for nursing and trying to become a very confuse about the steps to take.

i dnt have any classes for nursing yet i just have eng115 and math 105..can anybody... tell me wht to do next:idea::idea::idea:

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You need to speak with an academic advisor at your school, they can guide you specifically with what you need to do to pursue a nursing degree there. Every school is different in their requirements, this is the best universal advice that I can offer for someone in your position. Good luck! :up:

Were you accepted into the nursing program or advised to take the gen eds? My advice to you is to get all your general classes out of the way before starting the nursing classes.

I went to an ADN program and although it says 2 years, only the brave nut jobs do that. Most of us went longer than 2 years and took all the pre-reqs first like english, math, psychology, microbio, a+p 1+2....

But yeah, pay a visit to the advisor. They'll set you up with courses to take each semester. Does your school require you to take the NET exam? Mine did... lots of people at my school say they're in nursing, but are basically working at knocking off classes before even getting accepted to the program.

good luck with everything.

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Definitely speak with an advisor in order to find out the specific prereq's that you need in order to get into a program. Good Luck!

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Here's what your college's site says. If your school is anything like mine, they give you an example of what classes to take each term. Well, throw that out the window and concentrate on getting all your non-nursing classes out of the way. In 2 years, you'll have only nursing classes to worry about with no scheduling conflicts and with your very competitive entrance requirements, you'll have a better chance of being accepted in the nursing school. SEE AN ADVISER : )

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i went to an adn program and although it says 2 years, only the brave nut jobs do that. most of us went longer than 2 years and took all the pre-reqs first like english, math, psychology, microbio, a+p 1+2....

:eek: ... "brave nut jobs" for finishing an adn in 2 years?? wow ... just wow ...

Brave is a good word for that. At my school it isnt even an option, you have to complete the non-nursing classes first before you apply. For those starting from the ground up that could be 12- 15 classes you need an A or A- in to be accepted into the nursing program.

Sorry if "nut job" offended you or anyone else... but I'm sticking to my guns about thinking those who take classes besides their regular nursing courses are very brave. I'm sure it is possible to complete the program in 2 years, but I can't imagine the stress of completing gen eds along with the regular nursing courses. Like, in my program if someone took their sciences along with nursing classes and happened to fail the science they risk being held behind. Not worth the headache and lack of a life!

thanks everyone,im going to speak with a advisor. but im going to get all my pre-classes out of the way b4 starting the program.:)

I understand what you mean Ally. Just got the news that I was accepted. Yayyy Me!!! But It took me a year and a half to finish my pre-reqs. The actual nursing program is almost a year and a half. So it will take me a total of 3 yrs to finish my ADN program. My school prefers that you have all your general ed classes out of the way but some folks are admitted if they have the core pre-reqs done, then they take the rest of their general ed classes with nursing. I just can't imagine doing that. I'm glad I got all my gen ed classes out of the way. When I start in January, I can totally focus on just nursing classes.

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