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True or False


If you have time run out before you get to 265 questions does the last question determine whether you pass or fail?

No, they look at the last 60 questions you answered. If you stayed above the passing line then you're good. I wouldn't recommend going over the allotted time.

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No, it doesn't. If it did would that change your strategy? Don't make yourself crazy, just answer every question the best you can and don't delay on any one question more than necessary. Relax, take a deep breath, and break down the question. Pick the answer or answers and then move on.

When I was taking the test yesterday I got to 258 questions and time ran out. The computer stopped and a box came up telling me I had ran out of time. I raised my hand and the proctor came over. I got up to leave, he leaned over my seat and pushed a key to clear the screen (I guess) and log me off and another question popped up. He was as surprised as me. He said,"I guess you need to go a head and answer it". So I sat back down, with him hovering over me, read the question and could not even focus so I just picked an answer. I figured why not just pick a random answer? The test was over. I had timed out on the question before this one. Then I get home and tell my girl friend what happened and she tells me when you time out your test is graded on the last question only. If you get it right you pass and if you get it wrong you fail. According to what she has been told, if you reach the full 265 questions the computer looks at the last 60 questions. Now I am thinking... I failed because of a question I wasn't prepared for, one that came AFTER I had timed out. I knew the answer to the last question I had done. I know it was right. I failed because of an error? I can't stand thinking that and have got to find a way to determine if it is true or not. If I failed on my own then I failed. BUT if I failed because of something I could not change or had no control over...that's just not fair. Right?