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traveling lpn

by neenee86 neenee86 (New) New

does anyone know of any travel nurse agencies that hire lpn's...most of my searches are bringing me to sites for rn only...help please?!?!?

Here is the information I have..... I filled out the application online and they contacted me. She told me that they did not have any RN positions available, only LPN's! Good luck.....I hope this helps!

Access Nurses

Toll Free: 866-687-7390 x 11411

Fax: 866.767.9411

Refer a friend and receive $250!!!

For more about us check out http://www.nursetv.com

What are my chances of staying busy as a traveling LPN. I do not want to work in a hospital, unless it is a VA facility or Indian Reservation work.

Thanks for your help,;)


I agree about Access Nurses. I am a Canadian LPN presently acquiring a visa, but have been dealing with Mary Beth at Access Nurses. Things sound very promising at this point. Good Luck.


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I work for a company that is hiring lpn's for correctional work in the jails. If that is interesting let me know I will give you the contact info for them.:idea:


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While I was in school I was looking at the correctional facilty work. What area are you in? I read something about lv's needing to beome "mta's" before they can be hired.


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I am a LVN trying to go with a travel agency working through the CA state prisons, my speciality is Med Surg, and LTC. Thanks for the info. I have been waiting almost amonth for a gate clearence and it never arrives acoording to my recruiter, he says it takes awhile but now I think I might be getting the runaround just to keep me on board in case something happens to come in.:madface:

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